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More Than Forward Curves….

Forward price curves are a necessity for firms that trade commodities. While some firms use an aggregation service others still assemble prices themselves from a variety of sources. However, as power and gas trading has increasingly become faster and closer to real-time, the need for reliable price information in near real-time has also increased. Furthermore, with increased oversight and scrutiny, ensuring correct and auditable price data has become critical. One provider of price aggregation and data management is Enverus. Enverus provides both price aggregation and data management as well as visualization of that and other market data via its MarketView software and Ms. Wendi Orlando, VP of trading & risk for Enverus “believes that it has achieved true differentiation by integrating curve building with its flagship MarketView data visualization tool.  Clients can now compare their forward curves to industry standard benchmarks.”

“The single most important value proposition for our clients is a “single source of the truth” for all Trading & Risk data.  Therefore, we allow all types of data to be stored, managed and visualized in our solution.  The easy ingestion and visualization of market data, client proprietary data and fundamental data is key for a complete solution,” she tells us. By bringing together a robust data management solution in DataGenic acquired by Enverus in late 2017 with its emphasis on allowing users to automate data management tasks and with a comprehensive audit trail with its MarketView visualization software, it seems to have a truly unique offering. By delivering real-time forward prices as well, Enverus is moving in step with industry requirements. However, it is the ability to manage and visualize data that appears to be unique to us.

As the amount and types of data increase almost exponentially in energy and commodities, being able to identify trends and opportunities faster than others is key to making money. While use of AI and ML and other automation techniques are a critical part of developing such a capability, ComTech also sees the ability to visualize and drill into that data is key as well. “AI and ML are the hottest topics in the trading industry.  IT Support Organizations are allocating significant budgets to support real-time trading with optimization engines.  Enverus believes it was important to support the Trading & Risk industry with standard plugins to tools like Python to enable easy data export – process – and data ingestion back into our solution for data management and visualization,” Wendi told us as she explains how the Enverus platform allows users to utilize data from many different sources and formats both for analysis and inspection. Given the trends that ComTech sees in the industry, Enverus seems to be moving in step with those trends and outmaneuvering its competitors but time will tell if its strategy pays off and we will be tracking the company to see how well it does.

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