A New Commodity Risk Management Solution

Late last year, I took a briefing from a company called Risk Edge Solutions that was created in 2013 with the aim to change the way Commodity Risk Solutions are thought of, priced, sold, marketed, distributed and implemented. The team is made up of experienced risk consultants that have been involved in systems implementations for many years and have now launched their own business and created a global network of consultants and partners in India, the UK, Singapore and the Philippines.

The company has created its RiskEdge software to automate risk management processes but also delivers a variety of other services around commodity risk management including risk consulting, risk training and rather bravely, outsourced risk services. I was given a short demonstration of the RiskEdge Software and I thought it looked good. The software is web-enabled allowing it to be deployed in SaaS/hosted or on premises configurations and also quite comprehensive. It includes VaR (Monte Carlo and Historical), risk and exposure reporting, simulations and scenario analysis and covers a broad range of instruments. It is very easy to configure and personalize as well and readily imports positions from Excel or other ETRM / CTRM solutions and will export results back to Excel if needed.

The solution is certainly well thought through and should gain traction initially particularly at smaller trading firms where there is a need to perform better risk management on a real system. We look forward to hearing more from Risk Edge Solutions.


Meanwhile, as with other newer vendors that have developed solutions on new web-enabled architectures, Risk Edge Solutions has made a video to market and promote itself and its software. Here it is….. Risk Edge Solutions

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