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Igloo Thriving at Brady

I recently spoke with Mohammed Alanizi, Commercial Director, Brady Technologies. He had recently co-authored a white paper on the latest trends in ETRM that had caught my attention. Mohammed... continue reading

FIS sees hydrogen market ready for take-off

Hydrogen consistently garners attention in energy-related publications as a prospective substitute for fossil fuels, playing an indispensable role in achieving decarbonization goals. The technology for producing, transporting, and storing... continue reading

Energy One Thriving in European Markets

Energy One continues to recruit against excellent demand for its products and services. Simon Wheeler, CEO – Europe, said that it had added more than 8 new staff in... continue reading

Loqsea Technology Set to Promote its Cloud-based platform for CTRM

Loqsea Technology Ltd got its start as so many software vendors do in commodity trading when an observant trader – Tomasz Rydzewski – noted that existing ETRM’s didn’t really... continue reading

Ventriks Takes Off

Richard Quigley says that Ventriks is seeing lots of sales activity and opportunity at the moment and that his new brainchild, in the arena of data management, is well... continue reading

New UI for Trinity and Fintrade as Quor Polishes its Metals Software Assets

Quor, now headed by CEO Steve Hughes, is working steadily on its product set. Having basically integrated Aquarius concentrates and raw materials functionality into Fintrade, that is now represented... continue reading

Natural Gas CTRM starting to show strength

I recently caught up with John Decker, Enuit’s sales director for the Americas.  According to Mr. Decker, Enuit is seeing strong sales activities across multiple categories of commodities and,... continue reading

Energy One – STG Deal Off?

We reported recently on the potential acquisition of Energy One by STG based on information posted by Energy One at the Australian Stock Exchange. In the last couple of... continue reading

Amphora Passes the 25-year Mark

Given that CTRM as a true software category really emerged only post FERC636 in North America (and then initially as ETRM or energy trading and risk management), a vendor... continue reading

Amphora Readies Major New Upgrade

Amphora is readying a major new release in v3.7.0, David Glasspool told me last week. “Development and QA are now complete and it’s rolling out to the first client... continue reading

Fendahl Sees Very Active Market

I recently had a catch-up call with Fendahl’s Henry Thornalley. He told me just how busy the last few months have been for the company – so much so... continue reading

Orchestrade Making Waves

Orchestrade is making waves. Targeting the top tier in energy and commodities with a modern scalable event-driven architecture and deep ETRM functionality courtesy of its sponsoring client in energy,... continue reading

Enuit looking to NAM power markets for additional growth

I recently caught up with Seenu Kaliamurthy, Enuit’s Managing Director of Power Solutions to discuss the company’s efforts in the US power markets. Perhaps most interesting, Enuit will release... continue reading

Energy One Posts Consistent and Positive Results

Energy One has issued its financial results for the year ending June 2023 and the results suggest that the company continues to grow and consolidate its acquisitions with a... continue reading

Innovation Driven by Change

With so many change drivers going on at once in our industry, one could be forgiven for having some despair – it is hard to take it all onboard... continue reading

STG and Energy One – A Deal in the Offing?

According to a disclosure on ASX, Energy One Ltd. has received a “confidential, indicative, incomplete, conditional and non-binding proposal from global investment firm STG” – owner of Quor. According... continue reading

Invensoft’s Expanding Footprint

Among the vendors enjoying success in a buoyant market for CTRM and related software is Invensoft. Founder and CEO, Prasad Raju, told me recently that it had signed several... continue reading

Datamine Keen to Promote its MineMarket CTRM Software

Datamine is a vendor that has been focused on mining operations for many years with its MineMarket platform. This week, I spoke with a team from the vendor to... continue reading

Enuit Adds Key New Functionalities

Enuit’s David Rao spent some time bringing us up to speed on product developments recently. It seems that it has been a busy time for the vendor in several... continue reading

Gen10 Sees Traceability as a Key Differentiator.

Traceability has always been a key need for those involved in trading, moving, and managing commodities of various types. However, given the increased awareness of environmental and social issues,... continue reading

CRisk Powers Brady’s Risk Strategy

Brady Technologies is seeing a lot of interest in its credit solution that is being driven by market events that have focused attention on credit and liquidity once again.... continue reading