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Talking about marketing in the modern era, I recently received an email from TRADESPARENT providing me an update on its activities. Emails are obviously another good way to inform... continue reading

OpenLink Sponsor 2016 CTRM Conference

OpenLink has become the first sponsor of the 2016 CTRMConference at the Gold level. OpenLink was also a major sponsor of the CTRM Conference last year and we thank... continue reading

Inatech and TechOil – an end-to-end ETRM for physical oil trading

Recently, I was approached by another relatively new vendor called Inatech. Inatech is a Glencore company and, as stated on its website, “As part of their Oil division, Inatech... continue reading

CTRM Vendor Perceptions – Tell Us What You Think?

The survey for the 2016 Vendor Perceptions study is doing quite well but if you haven’t filled out our short survey and given us your input, now is the... continue reading

OpenLink Capturing European Power & Gas Mid-Tier Market Share

Over the last 12-months or so, OpenLink has announced a string of (for it) rather untypical license deals in the middle tier in European power and gas, including firms... continue reading

Utilidex Aims to Break The Paradigm

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to get an update from UK-based vendor Utilidex via Mike McCloskey, Director and Co-founder of the company. Utilidex provides an integrated... continue reading

Discovering New Vendors

ComTech is tracking around 90 vendors that have solutions in the ETRM and CTRM space and this number isn’t getting any smaller. Last week at E-World, we ‘discovered’ a... continue reading

Updated CTRM Consultants and SI’s list/directory is now available

We have posted our newly updated list of CTRM consultants and systems integrators. This new list includes the addition of several firms since the last version.  We are now also... continue reading

An update on the FIS acquisition of SunGard

As our readers are surely aware, FIS announced their intention to acquire SunGard back in August of last year, with the deal having closed in November. I had the... continue reading

Visiting with InstaNext

I had a briefing this week with InstaNext, a US-based provider of tech solutions for companies that trade, procure, produce or transform commodities. The company, in business about 3... continue reading

CTRM Announced Deal Data 2015 – Analysis

Knowing that only a few E/CTRM software license deals ever get publicized, analysis of disclosed licensing data might well be an exercise in futility. Nonetheless, the analyst in me... continue reading

Dycotrade Growing Strongly

Ouko Reitsema believes that Dycotrade’s success in the market at the moment is due to happy customers and successful implementations. Just back from a US trip where he says... continue reading

Commodity Management and CTRM

Commodity Management is an emerging application area that is significantly broader than CTRM in some respects and has, at least until now, catered primarily to a large group of... continue reading

Give Us Your Opinion?

Its that time again! We are seeking end users and consultants/SI’s to give us their opinions on the E/CTRM vendors and their thoughts on buying trends. The survey can... continue reading

CTRM Directory Makes for Interesting Reading

Towards the end of last year, ComTech made an announcement regarding the CTRMCenter Directory. We adopted the diliger platform as it had many more features and tools that we... continue reading

Brady Issues Market Update

After seeing their stock get hit pretty hard after a revision to their full year 2015 guidance in late November/early December, Brady appears to have rebounded rather nicely according... continue reading

Even in a Unsettled Market, Some CTRM Players are Thriving

As you’ve heard, and as we’ve talked here many times, the commodities markets are…ah…”difficult” right now. With the Bloomberg Commodities Index scraping new record lows on a daily basis,... continue reading

Consolidating Risk

A consolidated view of risk position across a global, multi-commodity trading business is something like the Holy Grail for many that rely on a patchwork quilt of different CTRM... continue reading

Trayport Contigo Relaunches as Contigo

Trayport Contigo has changed its name back to simply ‘Contigo’ according to an anouncement released today, going full circle to capture the brand strength of  its original name that apparently... continue reading

Calling All E/CTRM Consulting Firms

ComTech is currently updating the Consultants List. This free download from CTRMCenter’s research area is essentially a list of consulting firms and system’s integrators that specialize or have a... continue reading

Brady Acquires Energy Credit

I spoke this afternoon to a very upbeat Gavin Lavelle, CEO at Brady PLC, on the back of today’s announcement that it had acquired energy credit from Temenos. Apparently,... continue reading