Vendor news & updates

New Cloud-Based Shipping Solution in the Offing

New cloud solutions abound in and around CTRM at the moment and a couple of weeks ago I spoke to another new venture – Singular Point. The application is... continue reading

When Not Exhibiting Starts the Rumor Mill: E-World Buzzes

Last week, both Patrick and I spend much of the week in Essen, Germany attending E-World. Last year, we gave it a miss and later heard all sorts of... continue reading

Openlink announces they are being acquired by ION

This afternoon, Openlink issued a press release announcing that they are being acquired by ION Investment Group.  Though the announcement wasn’t necessarily unexpected (see our earlier blog post here),... continue reading

And now it’s Amphora…

Its a busy time for CTRM mergers, acquisitions and divestitures…. In just the last couple of months, we’ve had 1) ION buying Aspect and a strong rumor that they... continue reading

An Analysts Take on Brady’s Divestiture of It’s US Recycling Business

There was interesting news this morning through financial market sources that Brady has sold it US recycling business to AMCS Group for up to 4.6m GBP. According to these... continue reading

Generation10 Delivering Application Ecosystem for Commodity Supply Chains

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to visit with Generation 10. As luck would have it, they also invited me to their Christmas night out! Generation 10’s innovation... continue reading

SAP Integration High on User’s Wanted List Says Agiboo

Recently, I caught up with CTRM Thought Leader Mr. Jan van den Brom of Agiboo. He told me that Agiboo had gained quite a few new clients in softs... continue reading

Rumor has it that ION is making a big move in CTRM

Rumors have been flying for the last couple of weeks that Dublin-based ION Investments Group is about to acquire one of the largest CTRM vendors. Though a name is... continue reading

Catching Up With Blacklight Systems

Just before the Christmas holidays, I talked with David Edwards, Managing Director, of BlackLight Systems. BlackLight Systems claims to be the first commodity trading and risk system to be... continue reading

Aquilon is moving energy settlements to the cloud

I visited with Michael J. Snayd, VP of Business Development & Marketing at Aquilon Energy Services a few days ago to get an update on their activities.  For those... continue reading

Beacon Update – A Conversation with Michael Kirch

It has been a while since I had talked to Beacon, creators of an institutional quant platform that delivers the architectural model of investment bank systems like SecDB at Goldman... continue reading

Christmas Conga Anyone?

As a marketing person at heart, I do love a good marketing program and I want to turn your attention to the Christmas game that Contigo are running –... continue reading

In case you missed it….MCG acquires Paragon

Though there doesn’t seem to be a formal press release issued to the wires, the two companies announced via website postings a couple of weeks ago that MCG has... continue reading

Black Friday Blues

Most Americans will be returning today from a four day holiday. I recall from living there, that this was usually the longest vacation many Americans take and the contrast... continue reading

Research into CEE ETRM Vendors for Power and Natural Gas

Having been based in the Czech republic this last decade, I am aware of a number of ETRM solutions on the market within the region. Vendors like IPESoft, Transition... continue reading

Allegro continues to find success in 2017

I had the opportunity to get a briefing from Allegro’s marketing and product management teams this week…and in summary, its clear that 2017 has been a good year for... continue reading