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Vendor news & updates

Partnerships, Collaboration And CTRM

In recent weeks a number of new partnerships and collaborations have been informally announced via vendor blogs and social media. Recently, CTRM Cubed announced its partnership with Enegen and... continue reading

The Coming Shortfall in Battery Metals Could Have Dramatic Implications

The push to a lower carbon world will result in many challenges that will need both financial and technological innovation to solve. The move to electric vehicles (EVs) is a significant... continue reading

Igloo Talks Differentiation

Like many other ETRM vendors, Igloo has been very busy the past few months picking up a couple of new customers in the last quarter. “Both are Companies from... continue reading

Enuit Adds C-Level Focus

In mid-June, Enuit announced a management team reshuffle as a part of several structural changes and initiatives to support the company’s growth. This involved introducing a C-Level structure underneath... continue reading

European Short-Term Power Trading Solutions Update

It has been a while since we wrote about European short-term power solutions although, to be fair, we have created a couple of CTRMRadio podcasts on and around the... continue reading

Amphora On Track

Amphora has performed several remote implementations this last year and all had gone well said David Glasspool, head of Sales and Marketing at Amphora. However, he did caution that... continue reading

European Summers Are Back?

Over the years, I have found myself writing articles around this time of year maligning the August slowdown in Europe while the entire continent vacations – often for up... continue reading

SAP Industry Cloud Initiative Takes Shape for Agribusiness and Commodities

Recently, I had an update from SAP on its Commodity Management strategy and products from VP, Anja Strothkaemper and her team. Anja was keen to update me with respect... continue reading

Contigo Preparing for User Forum

Simon Wheeler, CEO at Contigo, is busy working with his team on finalizing the roadmap for its products and promises a big reveal in August. They are preparing for... continue reading

Eka is growing rapidly after a fast start to the year.

I recently had the opportunity to get a briefing from Manav Garg, CEO and Founder of Eka, to discuss his company’s strategy, recent results, product initiatives, and market developments.... continue reading

iRely Sees Strong Market

It’s an opportunity laden market and iRely are one of the vendors we have spoken to in recent weeks who are seeing filled sales pipelines and who are very... continue reading

Talking FinTrade With Brady’s Yuriy Shcherbak

Yuriy Shcherbak works for Brady as a Senior Solutions Consultant for its Fintrade software product and has some interesting takes on the market and CTRM software in general. I... continue reading

Likron Bullish and Looking to self-Trading Power Plants

Late last year, Likron was acquired by Volue AS after being in business independently for around 10-years. A pioneer and a market leader in short-term trading solutions, it and... continue reading

Enegen See Pros and Cons in Remote Working

I had an interesting conversation with Enegen’s David Calmonson this week. He reports that things may have slowed a little in terms of UK power and software in recent... continue reading

nGenue’s Natural Gas Focus is Paying Dividends

I recently caught up with Richard Pinos, head of customer success for nGenue (the Houston-based provider of natural gas software for marketers, producers, LDCs, utilities, and pipelines) to get... continue reading

Green Focus on Supply Chains and More

The recent announcement by Brady of a partnership with Carbonchain was a timely reminder that supply chains are a major focus for the push on the environment. In fact,... continue reading

TradeCloud Set to Revolutionize Pre and Post Trade Communication and Collaboration?

TradeCloud was started 5-years ago by four co-workers from companies like Trafigura who had a lot of expertise and a vision around digitalization in commodities. Its initial focus was... continue reading

Agiboo Sees Technology and Architecture Gaining Importance as a Buying Criterion

A conversation with Jan van den Brom of Agiboo is always fun and informative. He is quick to spot trends and this recent conversation was full of Jan’s observations... continue reading

A look at Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ acquisition of Pioneer Solutions

With the acquisition of Pioneer Solutions LLC by Hitachi ABB Power Grids, first announced in September of last year, Pioneer’s Financial and Regulatory Risk Management (FARRMS) technology platform has... continue reading

Contigo’s New Product Manager Looks to the Future

Recently, Contigo appointed Martin Thomas as Product Manager. Martin joined Contigo with over 20-years of experience in retail and wholesale operations in the UK and European energy markets, and... continue reading

iRely Sees Technology Increasing in Importance as a Buying Criteria

The CTRM and Commodity Management (CM) marketplace seems to be quite active at the moment, and iRely is also very busy with a lot of possible deals, RFP responses,... continue reading