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Paris-Based Dsflow to Bring SaaS ETRM to Market later in 2022

Recently, I was alerted to a new ETRM vendor called Dsflow. Based in Paris, the vendor promises a new approach, SaaS, ETRM solution on its website. Last week, I spoke with Alexis de Choulot, one of the founders and got more information on the initiative. Alexis told me that they have been working on the solution 18 months already with a team of four staff in Paris. “We looked at the market and saw no best practice, modern, enterprise solution out there,” he told me. “So, we saw a role to play.”

At this stage, Dsflow covers the French gas and power markets, and it now has a partner on board that is helping it with expanding coverage of both across the EU. “We have five clients now and they are helping us to enhance and test the solution for different industry profiles.” Among the current clients are an aggregator for power and gas, and energy buyer, and a Belgian supplier trading on the German, Dutch and UK markets. Meanwhile, Dsflow is still readying for the formal go-to-market. “We want to ensure that it can scale for more clients,” he told me.

Currently, the product has two aspects. Portfolio management including areas like deal capture, position management, book management, financial reporting and so on, and logistics. Delivered as a modern SaaS platform, continuous improvement is part of the benefits, I was told. Dsflow is also keen to minimize configuration and set up for new clients. “We want to try to remain as simple a tool as possible that is easy to use, set up and to learn,” he told me. He hopes to formally launch in September of this year. We will be tracking its progress.

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