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QUOR – More than a Change of Name…

By now, most people will know that QUOR is the new brand for what was known previously as Brady Commodities. However, for CEO, Tasja Botha, it isn’t just the brand that has changed. “We are doubling down on what we are good at and building ecosystems of solutions, while working to ensure that our customers succeed,” she told me last week. What this means is that QUOR has a strategy and has been working towards that for many months now under the ownership of STG.

It was clear to me from the conversation that the strategy includes several aspects. First, it is working with existing customers to make them happy and successful users of the software solutions and services QUOR offers. As Tasja explained, the software is fully and deeply functional already. Where QUOR is putting the effort in on the software is in building a new user interface that allows users to do easily and rapidly what they need to with the solutions. The strategy allows for possible acquisitions, she told me, but it also means building out a usable ecosystem of partners, solutions, and services for QUOR’s users. “We have a rich IP and very strong products that we are working on modernizing while working hard to build effective and meaningful partnerships to deliver, implement, and extend the footprint.”

Some of the immediate changes are that QUOR is hiring staff and has already appointed a new head of alliances. It has added staff in India and partnered with a development firm for development and services, while adding expertise in different areas across the business. It has already signed up a couple of new partners, started to modernize the user workflow of its software as well. At the same time, QUOR will, she said, focus on its strengths. “The key is the customers and QUOR needs to show the market that it is successfully moving forward.” ComTech will be watching this progress with interest.

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