Singular Point Launches MARiS

A couple of weeks ago, Singular Point launched its MARiS software product for commercial shipping and chartering at an event in Geneva. We were invited but unfortunately, we could not attend. “We had representatives from the smaller companies to global players in the room,” Darko Novakovic, Head of Sales & Marketing, told me after the event. “From a commodity perspective, we had shipping and trading companies present that are dealing with all kinds of commodities dry, gas, liquid and so on.” The company is now going through an extensive Quality Assurance phase with the software to make sure that they provide a proper solution to the market.

MARiS is described as “the most innovative and blockchain-enabled chartering and shipping solution on the market” It is a solution that can be deployed in the cloud, or on-site and is designed to provide full control over freight management and better control of operational risks across the complete shipping lifecycle within a short time frame. According to the press announcement for the event, “the attendees had a walkthrough of the different functional areas and the powerful visualization capabilities which MARiS offers and the system’s architecture, that basically allows users to adapt literally every single system logic and behavior, according to their specific business requirements. This includes changing the way how the system should behave including data model, business logic, process representation and workflow and much more, without relying on a 3rd party vendor or indeed Singular Point…. . Another highlight of the evening was showing the capabilities of the back-ground engine behind MARiS, which allows users to operate extremely fast and to then filter the desired information in detail, as no other system can currently do, allowing users to see the key data and results in real-time“.

Although a number of solutions exist on the market already like SoftMar and Veson for example, it is interesting that this solution deploys what is considered to be ‘disruptive’ technologies and is it itself a disruptive new entrant into that market. SingularPoint is certainly making a lot of noise in the market and it will be interesting to see how MARiS does as a new solution in the coming months. We will stay in touch with SingularPoint to find out.



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