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Tradesparent and its START program

Recently, I was given at update on Tradesparent by Siavosh Arasteh from Tradesparent’s sales and marketing department. Tradesparent describes itself as “an integrated data analysis and reporting software solution for companies actively trading and processing commodities,” on its website. It focuses mainly on the ags and softs side of commodities where it has a dozen or so very large clients like Cargill, Bunge, Roquette and Baywa, for example.

We began by talking about Tradesparent’s commodity data hub. The solution ingests, normalizes, and enriches data across the enterprise, I was told, and it is the core engine of what Tradesparent does. “Normalization prepares the data for reporting,” Siavosh told me. “The ability to collect business data upstream at scale, normalize and map it efficiently and in a manner that suits all downstream needs makes a real difference for our customers. They immediately get value on a whole range of risk reporting topics and develop data as an asset.” He went on to explain that for large commodity businesses with an ERP and CTRM landscape, there is a complex and diverse data landscape, often with gaps, and the Tradesparent commodity data hub can be used to harmonize and normalize this data allowing users to gain advantages from it. “It’s a low-code tool through which our clients are in control of their daily performance and portfolio discovery,” he told me. “Our Company has ISO 27001 and SOC1 security certification, and our mission is to simplify the process of managing the multidimensional aspects of daily trade reporting.”

Onboarding the Tradesparent commodity data hub software has been an area of investment as well, he told me. “Our horizontal approach brings immediate benefits to customers by embedding data-driven reporting and analysis right at the start. Over the last months, we have focused on adding more flexibility to the onboarding by offering clients the means to steer themselves forward.” Tradesparent Start is the approach adopted to create more flexibility and structure behind getting clients up and running, he told me. “It’s almost a self-serve tool that clients can operate by themselves. They can now import, normalize, validate and have access to reporting by themselves.” By adding this capability and flexibility, Siavosh also believes Tradesparent can attract new but smaller clients as well.

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Meanwhile, Tradesparent sees good traction in north American markets and has made steps to strengthen its partner network there. It recently announced Scoular – a US aggregator and merchandiser and a mid-tier type entity in the north American market, he said. “Being able to integrate with legacy systems in a highly adaptable way enables us to stand out to commodity companies,” he told me.  Of course, once the data is normalized and made available, Tradesparent also provides several applications to work with it in areas like risk, regulatory reporting, positions and more.