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WinRisk Thrives in UK’s Base Metals Commodities Markets

In a recent webinar appearance, I had mentioned that CTRM and related solutions often emerge from ‘five guys in a garage.’ So, as if to prove my point, I have had several inbound calls from smaller vendors who heard the comment and responded. One of these was from a vendor called WinRisk. I had never heard of this company but, as Alistair Roffey told me, it is essentially “we are a bit more than five guys in a garage, but we have some great software.”

According to its website, WinRisk “is a specialist business and IT consultancy providing Risk and Compliance expertise to institutions active on the world’s commodity markets. Set up in October 2002, WinRisk offers a range of services including sector specific business consulting services and IT solutions.” The founder started the business when he retired from Mitsui, but kept getting request to help from people he knew in the industry. He wrote some initial modules and has added to them since, and the business is now a handful of staff working on the software and supporting customers in the base metals part of commodities – mainly in London and the UK.

Alastair told me that the vendor sells a set of modules that range from winOPS, a back-office trade administration solution, to winPORT, a newly release option portfolio management system that he reports is selling very well. Other modules cover areas like compliance, pricing, position, valuation and more. He describes the solutions as not ‘out of the box’ but rather customized for specific use and using SQL databases and C#. The vendor differentiates itself saying that “unlike most other systems in the marketplace, which are either LME based systems modified to handle futures contracts or futures and options based systems modified to handle LME style contracts, WinRisk systems have been designed for full market and instrument type coverage from the outset.”

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Of course, we have added them to the online directory and will be following up for more details in the near future.