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When the Vendor Isn’t Apparently Interested!

This will be my annual rant about vendor websites and responses. You see, I’m doing a product market sweep project right now and so I get to experience what buyers might trying to find, contact and engage with vendors. First off, let me say that most of the well-known CTRM vendors are easy to find, easy to contact and highly responsive. The majority are. And that really means that if you are not, you are even more handicapped.

This last week, I have had the following experiences trying to contact and get responses from a minority of vendors…

  • Fill out the website contact form – no one replies. It’s basically a black hole.
  • Call the phone number and am talked to by an automated voice in a foreign language with no option to hear it in English. English remains the language of trading in most places whether you like that or not. I hit ‘1’ every time and took it from there.
  • Emails sent to general email address for sales without any reply.
  • Emails sent to general sales email BOUNCE! – I called and was given an alternate
  • No phone number listed on website
  • and, in one magical instance – no contact information on website – at least that I could find.

These are all rather basic errors. I had the same experience two years ago as well so nothing much has changed. But, how can you be in the business of selling software if any of the above apply??

AdvertisingAmphora CTRM
AdvertisingComTech book

Once again, every single CTRM vendor that I would call well known responded immediately, professionally and promptly so, if you are a new firm trying to break into the space, you had better be easy to find,, contact and talk to or you simply haven’t a chance.