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E-Book: Renewable Energy Project Siting Guide

The early stages of a renewable energy project begin with determining the plant motivation, siting a location, defining the generation and securing an offtake or a power purchase agreement (PPA). Siting a renewable energy project is complex, involving multiple economic, environmental and market factors. Traditionally, power project siting required developers to complete the resource-intensive task of pulling information from various sources.
Approval to build a renewable plant is a multi-phase process, with each study costing hundreds of thousands of dollars without a guarantee that you can proceed with a build. Since upwards of 70% of projects are withdrawn from the interconnection queue, simplifying the siting process is essential.
With accurate data on the power grid, existing applications, forecast generation and land data, developers can uncover opportunities within minutes.
In this guide, you can learn more about the screening criteria top renewable power developers use to filter areas by market potential, the highest return of investment and parcel attributes.
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