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ACER updates REMIT Q+A

ACER has today published an updated REMIT Q+A document which can be found here. It added and updated 6 answers in total:

  • whether battery storage contracts are reportable (III.3.51)
  • that electric vehicle charging stations are excluded from reporting (III.3.52)
  • whether the contract between a market participant and the TSO concluded as a result of the auction run in the framework of a capacity mechanism based on Reliability Options is reportable to ACER (III.3.53)
  • whether gas allocations to national exit points are reportable by TSOs (III.4.7)
  • wehether extenal factors that affect assets (such as ice forming on a wind turbine) is Inside Information (III.7.16)
  • whether activity and information arising from assets outside the EU can be Inside Information (III.7.24)

Clients of ETR Advisory’s Regulatory Support Service will receive customised guidance on the above (see here).

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