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Adaptive – Shortlisted at FSTech Awards 2023

We are proud to announce that Adaptive has been shortlisted for the FSTech Awards 2023 in the Cloud Computing Innovation of the Year and Best Use of IT Trading Platforms categories.

At Adaptive, we have developed a secure, cloud-native trading platform that is suitable for hosting demanding front office trade execution workflows. Many financial firms have been hesitant to move to the cloud due to concerns around security, compliance, performance, and resiliency. Adaptive’s platform solution delivers on all these fronts while still allowing for the development velocity benefits of the cloud.
Our offering was recognised by the judging panel for its:

Security: Adaptive’s platform has extremely high levels of security in a public Cloud environment, using a system architecture that includes additional components and protective mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation, incl.:

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Access Management Best Practices
Network Security
Storage & Encryption
Secure immutable infrastructure 

Resiliency: The platform offers high availability and resilience on the cloud, enabling mission-critical applications to be written and deployed to the cloud; including central limit order books, RFQ venues, execution and internalization engines and matching platforms. It provides a simple approach to building resilient systems that can be easily maintained and supported.

Delivery velocity: Our Platform follows cloud-native principles like immutable infrastructure-as-code, enabling rapid deployment of production, user acceptance test (UAT) and development environments, and enabling them to be brought up, down and scaled elastically to optimise cost and load.

Supportability: Adaptive’s solution provides mature support and operational tools that enable efficient and effective operation of the trading platform, including passive observability and active introspection into all message flows and performance metrics, and the ability to reproduce production bugs in a development environment.

Matt Barrett, CEO and co-founder of Adaptive, said:
“We’re delighted to have been shortlisted among our industry peers for the FSTech Awards. Innovation remains a core focus of Adaptive’s offering, particularly within the areas of cloud computing and trading platforms. To be recognised for our work in these areas is an honour.”
The FSTech Awards 2023 will be held in London on 16 March, 2023. Find out more.

About Adaptive
Adaptive builds and operates bespoke trading systems across asset classes for financial services firms wanting to own their technology to differentiate and compete in the long-term. 
Central to Adaptive’s offering is Aeron, the global standard for high-throughput, low-latency and fault-tolerant trading systems – the open source technology supported and sponsored by the firm. Adaptive invests in and develops Aeron technology, additionally offering bespoke applications, as well as expert consultancy to deliver best-in class proprietary trading technology for banks, investment firms and exchanges. /

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