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Adaptive – Winner at the Risk Markets Technology Awards 2023

We’re delighted to announce that Adaptive’s Platform solution has been recognised by’s Markets Technology Awards 2023, winning the ‘Best Use of Cloud’ award in the Innovation category.

Adaptive’s Platform solution which leverages the open-source Aeron technology, is a best in class, developer-acceleration platform, which neatly solves the technical and expertise-gap challenges that firms, looking to build Cloud-native, electronic trading systems, face today.
Celebrate with us!

The know-how required to build industry-leading electronic trading systems is rare, and difficult to acquire. Today, a development team needs expertise in rapidly-evolving Cloud technologies for building and deploying highly performant and resilient systems. They must understand distributed systems engineering, multi-threading, messaging, API design, and end-to-end software testing. These are the hard problems of computer science. On top of this, they also need to be functional experts in the business of trading in fast markets.

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Adaptive wraps up these hard systems engineering problems; and whilst they must be solved to deliver a successful solution, they are not themselves differentiating. Adaptive’s Platform solution enables a team to focus on building the tech stacks that differentiate their business, reduce their down-time, and allow them to be flexible in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Further to this, the underlying Aeron technology stack is open-source, bringing these benefits to financial institutions across the board.
What makes Adaptive’s Platform Solution so innovative? 
It brings together decades of developer, infrastructure and QA/test expertise into one place, enabling a software development team to rapidly deliver electronic trading systems and run them in production. 
Thanks to the Cloud’s ability to rapidly accelerate software development, Adaptive’s Platform solution enables the quick creation of development, UAT and production environments. Moreover, it enables developers to build fault tolerant systems that have no single point of failure. Typical approaches to this capability require years of distributed systems engineering expertise, whereas our technology platform helps teams get it right from the start of development.
Adaptive has been building electronic trading systems on the public Cloud for over 6 years, starting in 2016. We have distilled our experience and tooling into our Platform Technology Solution which provides a completely Cloud-native development, deployment and operational platform for firms to use themselves, on AWS and Google Cloud. Read More >>
Matt Barrett, CEO of Adaptive Financial Consulting, said:
“The industry’s financial services institutions needed an electronic trading technology solution that was scalable, resilient, and Cloud-native. We’re pleased to have delivered that with our technology platform. Adaptive is proud to have been recognised by not only for the value we bring to the finance sector, but also for our innovative nature. We look forward to bringing to market more technology solutions as the sector continues to experience ever more demand for fault tolerance, low latency and changing regulatory compliance needs.”
About Us
Adaptive builds and operates bespoke trading technology solutions across asset classes for financial services firms wanting to own their tech stack to differentiate and compete in the long-term. Central to Adaptive’s offering is Aeron, the global standard for high-throughput, low-latency and fault-tolerant trading systems – the open source technology supported and sponsored by Adaptive. Adaptive invests in and develops Aeron technology, additionally offering bespoke applications, as well as premium features and expert consultancy to deliver best-in class proprietary trading technology for banks, investment firms and exchanges.

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