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Dodd Frank Challenges

Surveys have long showed that many energy industry participants are responding very slowly to Dodd-Frank’s new requirements. For many organizations, their Dodd-Frank categorization means the new regulations will only require minimal changes to their operations. Still, those with less formalized systems and processes will be required to make some changes to comply with the new regulations.

Deloitte’s latest annual regulatory compliance survey found that the top three areas organizations are finding the most difficult to address are:

  1. Real Time Reporting
  2. Data and Record Keeping
  3. Position Limit Reporting

Not surprisingly for us here at Woodlands, the survey also finds that over a third of companies do not “have systems in place to track and report trading positions”. Happily for these organizations, Phoenix ETRM can easily help organizations to address these issues with minimal cost and effort.

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If your organization is struggling to address Dodd-Frank compliance, perhaps you should plan to join us for our upcoming “Best Newcomer” webinar. You’ll be glad you did!

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