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Gen10 get 2023 off to a flying start

We’re only 7 weeks into 2023, but based on the updates released by the Gen10 development team this year already, you would have thought it was much longer. The team have been working hard to ship new features and deliver implementations across many different commodities, from petrochemicals to cocoa.
As a sample of the projects that we are working on right now, here are some of our highlights from the year so far:
The team have been hard at work implementing a new cotton commodity management platform for one of the leading global cotton merchants, who source cotton from every exporting country. The global cloud implementation is progressing according to the client’s timeline, with the Gen10 team currently migrating data into their new CommOS system and building a suite of custom reports.
Gen10 are well underway with one of our signature rapid implementations for a Swiss-based cocoa client who came onboard in 2023. With a project kick-off in January, just one month later, the system has been set up, data migrated, and user training is progressing quickly.
Gen10 implementations are typically this fast due to the flexibility of our cloud framework and our development philosophy that leads us to create solutions that require as little hard-coding as possible. Changes to workflows, system documents and other automated processes typically rely on configuration rather than hard-coded software, meaning that they are quick to implement and can be updated as business needs change. And this speed is particularly valuable right now as the team are already ramping up to begin the implementation project for another new cocoa client in the coming weeks.
New client implementations do not detract from the continual improvement work we do for our existing clients as well. One of our clients is a leading petrochemicals trader based in Singapore, who needed a faster deal capture system for some of their traders. These traders didn’t need to use the full power of CommOS and wanted to be able to input quick deal capture information at their desks and on the go. This new development was delivered in early February and the team are already working on the next project; an integrated carbon monitoring and reporting system that can be rolled out to other clients later this year.
Custom development
The team also use our flexible development model to create custom software for other commodities players, including monitoring, reporting and verification, and insurance. We have a long relationship working with Rekerdres & Sons, the maritime insurance agency, and have seen positive progress on their custom platform already this year.
Using a similar model to the CommOS infrastructure, our developers have added a new app to their custom system. This app provides better claims management, streamlining operations for Rekerdres and their client underwriters, as well as policyholders. The app integrates seamlessly with the Recis system from Gen10 to automatically match new claims to policies and automate the next steps in the process.
And on top of these large projects, the team have been supporting our clients in metals, polymers and other commodities with continuous system improvements.
It has been a busy start to 2023, and the team are looking forward to maintaining this momentum across the year. Gen10 provides coverage for over 100 commodity asset classes, so if you have any commodity software projects you’re looking to begin this year, get in touch to find out how CommOS can make them faster, cost effective and fit for purpose.

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