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Press Release · Adaptive reveals next phase of Aeron trading technology development with Open-Source Community and Premium offering

Announcement follows acquisition of Aeron developer, Real Logic, in February 2022.
Aeron Open-Source, widely used to build low-latency trading systems, given increased investment and new functionality.
Adaptive to enhance support for Aeron Open-Source and launch Aeron Premium to accelerate trading technology delivery.

London, 18 January 2023 – Adaptive Financial Consulting (Adaptive), the experts in electronic trading technology solutions, today announces the next phase of development for Aeron®, the high-throughput, low-latency and fault-tolerant technology used by financial services firms globally to build sophisticated, high performance trading systems.
Launching in Q1 2023 will be the Aeron Open-Source Community, part of Adaptive’s commitment to continued investment in the free-to-use Aeron technology. Moreover, Adaptive announces Aeron Premium, which is built on top of the open-source stack. Aeron Premium will help institutions further accelerate the build of bespoke trading systems. 
Today’s announcement follows nearly a year of development since Adaptive’s acquisition of Aeron-developer Real Logic, a low-latency trading technology firm, in February 2022. Since the acquisition, Adaptive has doubled the size of the Aeron engineering team to further improve the Aeron open-source technology as well as to expand the software by offering premium features and functionalities.

Aeron Open-Source Community sponsored by Adaptive: This next phase will see the launch of the Aeron Open-Source Community, improving access and innovation within the financial services development community using Aeron. Adaptive has increased investment and is committed to sponsoring the free-to-use open-source technology, accelerating its adoption. As part of the programme, Adaptive has launched Aeron Community MeetUps across North America and Europe, for Aeron users and developers to share knowledge and applications of the technology. Following the first MeetUp in New York late last year, the Aeron Community Meetup in Europe will take place on 16 February in London followed by Amsterdam and Chicago in spring.
Aeron Premium by Adaptive : Built on top of the Aeron open-source technology, Aeron Premium will help firms to accelerate their build and differentiate their trading technology stack further. Aeron Premium will give financial services firms access to additional features, enterprise-grade SLAs and enhanced technical support to allow them to build highly available trading systems. In future, licensable modules that complement Aeron Premium with additional business feature sets, will also be made available. More information here >>

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Matt Barrett, co-founder and CEO at Adaptive, said: “Adaptive is at a hugely exciting point in its history following the acquisition of Real Logic a year ago. In addition to our commitment to support Aeron Open-Source, the Aeron community has been asking for ways to further leverage our expertise and developments around the technology. This next phase also presents an exciting opportunity to expand our offering and use our expertise to help firms fulfil Aeron’s incredible potential, while accelerating delivery and reducing delivery risk.”
Martin Thompson, co-creator of Aeron and Head of Platform at Adaptive adds: “Being open-source allows the technology to take on a life of its own, expanding use cases and accelerating innovation through the development community. As the originators of this exciting technology, we have invested in boosting its functionality even further aided by Adaptive’s experience in helping leading institutions build their own proprietary trading technology. The launch of our premium offering allows firms that are looking to build their own sophisticated high-speed trading systems to accelerate their time-to-market and take complete control of their innovation.”
The Aeron community now includes the go-live of the new Aeron website, detailing the technology’s capabilities and community events in full:
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Adaptive builds and operates bespoke trading technology solutions across asset classes for financial services firms wanting to own their tech stack to differentiate and compete in the long-term. Central to Adaptive’s offering is Aeron, the global standard for high-throughput, low-latency and fault-tolerant trading systems – the open source technology supported and sponsored by Adaptive, following the acquisition of its creator Real Logic in February 2022. Adaptive invests in and develops Aeron technology, additionally offering bespoke applications, as well as premium features and expert consultancy to deliver best-in class proprietary trading technology for banks, investment firms and exchanges. /
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