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REMIT fine for breach of Inside Information rules issued in the Netherlands – eWorld

The Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM), the National Regulatory Authority of the Netherlands, has published a notice of a fine of 150,000 EUR levied on a market participant for a breach of REMIT Article 4 relating to the disclosure of Inside Information. The press release can be found here and the decision document (in Dutch) here.

The fine relates to activity in 2017. where inside information was not disclosed on two occasions, in one case relating to a “must run” agreement with TeNNeT the TSO, and in the other relating to a delayed start up after an outage. the decision document provides a great deal of detail and reasoning around the decisions.

This week sees the e-World Energy and Water trade fair in Essen, Germany (see here). Aviv Handler can be reached at for appointments.

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