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Updates to REMIT reporting documentation

ACER has today announced significant updates to the documentation around REMIT reporting including:

  • A new version of the Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM version 5.1) – here
  • Updated versions of several TRUM Annexes:
    • Annex II covering examples – here
    • Annex III relating to Direct market Access – here
    • Annex IV relating to UTI generation (Unique Transaction Identifier) – here
    • Annex V with abbreviations – here
    • Annex VII relating to lifecycle events – here
  • A new version of the transaction reporting FAQ – here

A new version 3 of the reporting schemas is also now available. The older versions will be retired over the course of 2023. The schema and documentaiton around it have also been published here.

Subscribers to the ETR Advisory Regulatory Support Service will receive a detailed report on the changes (see here).

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