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CTRM Thought Leaders

CTRM Thought Leaders

Commodity Technology Advisory will create and manage a program called CTRM Thought Leaders. These recognized industry thought leaders will serve as a standing panel of expertise and will be asked to provide periodic input and answers to questions posed by ComTech around business and technology issues facing the industry. The CTRM Thought Leaders will comprise of a team of executive-level industry experts from across the industry selected and nominated by ComTech. Thought Leaders may also be nominated at the Thought Leaders website by anyone in the industry. The number of individuals on the CTRM Thought Leaders team will be limited at any time to around 25 members. The selected Thought Leaders will be representative of the industry as a whole, including end-users, software vendors and service providers.

2024 CTRM Thought Leader Panel

Chris Regan

Chris Regan – Product Director Brady TechnologiesProduct Director, Brady Technologies
As an energy trader, Chris was present at two market openings before Heading up EDF Energy’s Trading and Operations capabilities between 2009 and 2017. As Vice Chair of the Power Trading Committee and as Chair of Energy UK’s Wholesale Markets subcommittee, Chris helped create the current Energy market we have today, making changes to the Energy trading products, negotiating the Mandatory Market Making rules as well as making changes to allow customer’s assets to be re-optimised closer to real time. In 2017 Chris delivered a distributed trading capability (Powershift) into EDF, allowing customers to access markets alongside EDF’s own fleet of power stations and

Doug Gyani

Doug GyaniManaging Partner of PRINCIPIA CONSULTING PTE. LTD
Over an illustrious 20+ year career within Commodity Trading & Risk Management, Doug Gyani has transformed the management consulting and software space through innovation and a steadfast dedication to understanding the needs of his clients. Leveraging on the many years of industry experience he brings to the industry the world’s foremost specialized TRM (Trading Risk Management) consultancy & software solutions. Steeped in experience and rich in industry knowledge, Mr. Gyani has the ability to quickly understand, dissect and initiate actions plans to solve to most complex business challenges faced within the CTRM industry. Whether the focus is on Risk Management & Hedging Strategy, Trade Decision Support, or Operational

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan

Ganesh Babu NatarajanManaging Director, Enuit
Ganesh heads Enuit’s European operations. Ganesh has over 21+ years of experience in managing large C/ETRM transformation programmes and large projects with a successful track record of in Product Management, Application Development, Solution design and architecture, Business and strategy consulting and client engagement. He has managed complex, large-scale IT transformational projects for large commodity trading organizations and has extensive experience in system selection and implementing various C/ETRM systems. He has detailed understanding power, gas, oil and metals markets in highly regulated environments. His experience includes defining operating model and system strategy for various commodities, utilities, energy and oil companies. Ganesh holds a PhD in Computer Engineering, Masters in Software systems with specialisation

Dr. Gary M. Vasey

Gary VaseyManaging Partner, ComTechAdvisory Dr. Vasey is an industry expert noted for his analysis, consulting, marketing, and branding skills. With over 37-years’ experience in the broader energy and commodities trading industries, Gary has experienced the industry’s volatility as an executive of a power trading firm, geologist, consultant, software developer, analyst, and marketing practitioner, providing him with unique insights, not just into the entire value chain, but also into how to position, brand, and deliver products and services to the industry. He is a noted expert on the commodity trading, transaction, and risk management software industry and an accomplished industry analyst and thought leader. Gary has published more than 1000 articles on energy and commodities industry trends

Harry Knott

Harry Knott Chief Business ArchitectChief Business Architect, Quor Harry has been with Quor (previously Brady) for over quarter of a century, during which time he has managed teams within development, pre-sales and product management, and managed Brady’s Metals business unit and Risk and Derivatives business unit, overseeing product development, professional services and support across their commodity trading and risk management products. During his time at Quor / Brady, Harry has played a central role in designing and building it’s solutions for metals, ags and other commodities, working with tier 1 clients across banks, brokers, trading companies, producers and fabricators in markets where Quor has become the recognised world leader. In his current role as Chief Business

Jan van den Brom

Jan Van Den BromFounder and managing partner of Agiboo
Agiboo provides the ‘next generation’ of CTRM solution with a dedicated focus on the Agricultural and soft commodity industry. Jan has his background in CTRM and Trade finance solutions since 1998. In 2009 he founded Agiboo as a response to the increased demand of a CTRM solution with an easy to understand user interface, but even more important: allowing specific functionality support for certain industries. His vision is that CTRM products should embed an in depth knowledge of commodity trade business processes. After being CTRM implementation consultant for many years before the founding of Agiboo, Jan has a strong believe in a product approach, where

Jurgen Mayerhofer

jurgenCEO and Co-founder of enspired
Jürgen is CEO and Co-founder of enspired, a technology-driven energy trading service provider with a focus on European intraday markets. Jürgen has spent more than 17 years in the energy industry progressing from software engineer to senior leadership roles over the years. Most recently he was managing director of the algorithmic trading software vendor VisoTech, which was acquired by TMX/Trayport in 2019.

Manav Garg

Manav Garg EKACEO and Founder of Eka Software Solutions
Manav provides overall leadership and direction in strategic areas such as product direction, growth strategy, and talent acquisition. As a former commodities trader with a large global commodity trading house, Manav witnessed first-hand the deficiencies in traditional trading and risk management software. Realizing the market opportunity, and combining this with his passion for technology, Manav founded Eka in 2004. Since then, he keeps Eka focused on meeting the needs of the company’s global customers. He constantly strives to achieve ever higher levels of organizational excellence and customer satisfaction by encouraging responsibility and accountability at all levels. Manav graduated as an engineer from Regional Engineering College (REC) in Jalandhar,

Patrick Reames

Patrick ReamesEmeritus Analyst ComTechAdvisory Mr. Reames possesses a deep understanding of the energy and commodities markets, developed through hands-on experience and managerial oversight of energy and commodity operations, including exploration, production, gathering, plant, and pipeline operations. Additionally, he has 5 years of energy commodity trading, transportation, and risk management experience with Hess Corp. (formally known as Amerada Hess), a Fortune 100 integrated energy marketing company. Over the last fifteen years, he has been focused primarily on information technology serving energy and commodity trading, marketing, and risk management. Prior to founding Commodity Technology Advisory, he led the CommodityPoint division of UtiliPoint International, providing expert CTRM market analysis and advisory services to dozens of clients in North

Richard Williamson

Richard WilliamsonFounder-CEO of Generation 10
Generation 10 is a software technology company that provides solutions to various sectors of the global agricultural supply chain including CTRM, quality assurance, cargo marine insurance, finance and big data. He shares the view that information is key and is a firm believer that key to getting it is through collaborative software and knowing what to measure in order to optimise and find opportunities through better data management and analytics. This is evidenced by the attention given to user experience and data visualisation in the products and services that G10 delivers. Richard consults for a number of trading companies as well as the USDA, WTO and various international commodity associations and

Rob Pringle

Rob Pringle Gazprom Marketing and TradingCTO of SmartestEnergy
Rob Pringle has global responsibilities for all aspects of IT delivery and operations for the organisation. SmartestEnergy was founded in the UK in 2001 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation. Smartest has grown to be one of the UK’s leading purchasers of independent generation, supplier of renewable electricity and provider of demand response services. SmartestEnergy is a next generation energy company, supporting smart businesses through the transition to a decentralised energy system. Rob has over 25 years’ experience in the energy industry across a range of business areas including trading, risk management, energy retail and high availability IT infrastructures and

Simon Piercy

Simon PiercyFounder and Managing Director of CTRM Cubed
Simon Piercy is the founder and director of CTRM Cubed, establishing the business in 2017 to bring a step-change in approach for CTRM systems. Simon and his team have been working on moving CTRM from "system" to "service". Using the latest cloud technology, their TradeCube service is a fully-managed multi-tenanted cloud hosted SaaS platform.

His vision is that CTRM will follow other software sectors, and move away from monolithic systems towards simpler, always-on cloud systems with instant sign-up, and full connectivity to other ecosystem components via web service APIs.

Previously Simon founded Contigo and was Managing Director for almost 10 years, growing the company from a startup to a

Simon Wheeler

Simon Wheeler – Chief Executive OfficerChief Executive Officer
Simon Wheeler has been Energy One’s European CEO for just over two years, relocating from Australia to the UK after the Energy One acquisition. He is responsible for overseeing European operations at both Contigo and eZ-nergy. Simon is a trained Electrician Engineer and has in-depth knowledge and experience of the software and technology industry having worked across various sectors. He has helped Contigo grow their client base and their reputation as a reliable independent supplier of ETRM systems. He continues to develop and market Contigo’s existing product range whilst enhancing and expand our offerings through synergies with Energy One group capabilities.
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