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How to advertise


CTRMCenter is supported and maintained via advertising and sponsorships.

Traffic to the site is constantly monitored and monthly reports on traffic are available. Typically, the site will experience 1200-1400 visit a week with around 50% being unique visitors. Traffic is steadily growing at around 2-5% per month. The traffic is global, but primarily originates from the UK, USA, India, German, Singapore, Netherlands and Switzerland. It is made up of professional staff from commodity trading firms and others in the broader commodity management industry – consultants, integrators, software vendors and others who follow the industry. The site is actively managed and promoted.

It is one of few highly targeted websites that can provide an advertising platform that reaches a large, highly targeted niche market.

For businesses seeking to build brand awareness or wishing to deliver around a specific marketing campaign, the site offers several possibilities;

Banner Advertising – There are two positions on every page on the website for a top banner ad and a bottom banner ad. The banners rotate between up to 10 banners per location and are 940px by Any size.

Button Advertising – There are six button ads on each page except the home page of the site. Each button rotates ads from up to 5 advertisers and are 100 x 100px.

In article ads – These ads appear in all articles on the left hand side 2 paragraphs in.

Sponsored Links – 4 per article pointing to your promotional material.


We recommend that your banners or buttons be JPEG or PNG format for best results.

Sponsorship – The site may be co-sponsored. Please ask about sponsorship opportunities.

If you have interest in advertising on please contact us for a prospectus and pricing.

CTRM Center Advertising Sizes can be found here CTRM Center Adverts