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Spike in LNG CTRM skills

Over the last 18 months there’s been an increasing number of multi-national and national oil companies setting up trading hubs, such as: London, Houston and Singapore to service LNG spot cargo customers from Europe and Asia.

This relatively ‘old school’ market is our most demanding sector within the energy space due to Asia and North West Europe scooping up increasing quantities of LNG for power generation. The main problem from a systems or ‘CTRM’ perspective, is there’s no off the self-solution available and so people are reverting back to new/bespoke builds. This is where the demand for good functional and business consultants are in high demand and will continue into 2016 as more companies jump into the LNG TRM band wagon.

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Treasury Management Systems activity still on the up!

As my other recent recruitment update articles have outlined, the TMS job market is steadily growing with the likes of OpenLink Findur ruling the roost. As more organisations move from silos towards financial risk management, changing methods of financing as a result of bank disintermediation and the added pressures on compliance due to stricter regulations, more companies look to Treasury Management Systems (TMS) as automation and standardizations drive changes in treasury departments.

TMS consultants with track record delivering successful implementations are of high demand, as is the case with TMS consultants with Cash Management experience.

CTRM job market overview

Functional skills and jobs such as Business Analysts, Project Managers and SME’s are of highest priority from mainly end-users and partners.

The table below shows an increase + or decrease – based on new jobs compared to last year (2014):

Vendor Permanent % Contract %
Openlink Endur +19 +9
Openlink RightAngle -11 -8
Allegro +13 +4
SunGard Aligne/Zainet +4 -18
Brady +9 +14
TriplePoint -17 -23

Here’s a breakdown of the main movers in 2015:


Jobs across most of the OL suite of products is on the up, this is mainly driven by several new wins creating a more fruitful job market, especially for consultants with successful implementation experience and track-record. RightAngle is down on last year but set to improve as two sizable deals await to close in the coming months.


Successful wins for Allegro in Europe in 2015 include two physical oil majors that will no doubt fuel more choice for seasoned Allegro consultants looking for more challenging opportunities with longevity, this may also increase as the vendor continues to grow their sales and pre-sales capabilities in EMEA as a result of the Just Commodity acquisition.


Brady jobs are significantly up this year compared to last and forecasted to double after the recent announcement of nine new contracts in the first half of this year compared to the seven last year, including a metals client, supporting physical and trading activities in nine global locations.

How are SAAS and cloud systems impacting the future of CTRM recruitment?

For those who are interested in the small to medium tier vendors, in particular SAAS and cloud CTRM’s please keep an eye out for my next article when I will be touching on this subject in detail. Also in next month’s article I will be touching on the progress on SAP CM.