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Post CTRM Conference Feedback

In this months article, I would like to echo some of the topics mentioned at this years CTRM Conference in London, which I must say was a great event, packed full of some very informative content.

Firstly, I’d like to thank CTRM Center, ComTech Advisory and Commodities Now for the opportunity to speak at this year’s event. I’ve had some interesting post conference feedback confirming what we are seeing in the recruitment market is accurately inline with the some of the industry trends – validating our monthly recruiting trends can help keep you ahead of the recruiting trends curve.

AdvertisingEKA Turbo Charge Trading Systems in Weeks

The most interesting and relevant discussions for me were those by Simon Hartland of Baringa Partners and Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory.

Regulation Impact – EMIR, REMIT, MiFID 2 & MAR

The regulatory change train is in great force. I think its fair to say, hiring managers over the last 12 months have rinsed the market for choice of regulatory specific skills, in particular EMIR, as organisations continue to finesse their reporting processes and look to implement more sophisticated systems. REMIT is here and MiFID round 2 is closely round the corner which means this is a market that will only grow and regulatory skill-sets will rise in value.

It’s fair to say, if you possess regulatory experience (EMIR, MIFID, MAD/MAR) you should be in high demand over the next 6-12 months and will be spoilt for choice regarding new opportunities.

We are also seeing a number of consultancies owning projects around advising on regulatory and compliance operating models and see this to continue based on the limited skills available in-house around regulatory change and transformation. In addition, some of the senior professionals within the consulting firms are exiting to pursue a freelancing career as rates and project durations increase.

CTRM in Agricultural & Softs Trading

Over the last few years there’s an evident increase of new trading players in the shape of producers and corporates with an appetite for CTRM systems. This requires hiring a completely new skill set that will probably play in advantage to the ETRM market, in specific, Oil and bulk commodities – as Simon Hartland has demonstrated in his transition from Oil into Ags.

One skill-set change in particular is within procurement functions and the trend of hiring more core risk management expertise. Some of the procurement functions have an “old school” mentality and a refresh and contemporary fit-out is required to stay abreast of the markets.

Technical Integration is the most in demand criteria as companies struggle to integrate ERP and CTRM. This reflects some of the vendor’s involvement partnering with the likes of MS Dynamics and SAP.

In the last several weeks we have seen a high demand for Brady, EKA and ITAS implementation consultants, business analysts and project managers in Europe

Q3 CTRM Hiring

This is a new feature we are introducing to the monthly recruitment trends article. The below is based on the last quarter (July – September 2014) compared to (April – June 2014).


As indicated above, Brady has seen a significant growth compared to Q2 and we see this to continue based on recent wins. MS Dynamics & ITAS (Hivedome) have also experienced a jump due to some implementation complexities, resulting in a demand for their resources and Findur is starting to create a market of its own as corporates start to invest in TMS systems.

Overall the CTRM job market is on the up. Endur and Allegro still continue to be the top 2 vendor skills in need based on volume.

Vendor systems on the decline include: TPT, Aligne/Zainet and EKA.

New CTRM hiring projects – October

Again, another new section of our monthly update – we would like to share some details about some of our hiring projects. Due to confidentiality reasons, we have to keep locations and names of companies under wraps but please feel free to contact for more information.

  • Endur v.14 implementation for a US Energy Trader
  • Brady Metals BAU for an Investment Bank
  • Agiboo implementation in Central Europe
  • ITAS Integration for a UK client
  • SAP & Endur integration for a large Commodity Trader
  • SRA reimplementation for a ME client
  • Physical – Precious Metals CTRM change program
  • CTRM Selection for a Coffee Trader
  • OpenLink Findur implementation
  • ETRM IT clean up for a Swiss based Utility
  • REMIT for a European Utility Company

For those of you present at the CTRM conference, you may of heard me mention the top 3 growth sectors for this year. One area we have seen significant growth is the need for TMS (Treasury Management System) skills.

Corporate Treasury Management Systems (TMS)

OK, TMS may not come under a CTRM conversation in most discussions but I honestly think we are going to see a lot more integration of Treasury and Risk functions and this has to be reflected from a systems perspective. There are many RFI’s out now across Europe as we speak so there’s firm indication that this will be a real growth area for 2015.

The biggest TMS mover this month has been Findur with a big corporate win. TPT maybe positioning themselves well off the back of the ION takeover as they continue to harmonise their CTRM and TMS solutions (CXL and WallStreet).

Please tune in for next months article where I will be discussing the best techniques utilising social media for job searches, the precious metals market as well as the November CTRM Recruiting Trends.