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Don’t panic! – Comply, but don’t be scared into unnecessary spend

Article by Mr. Aviv Handler of ETR Advisory published 28th July, 2014. The acronyms “EMIR”, “REMIT”, “MiFID II” and others have now been flashing in front of us for quite some time, and in February we lived through the first go live of EMIR Trade Reporting. Many in the energy and commodities market found the requirements confusing and the lack of clarity made compliance harder than it could have been. There is plenty more still to come, causing a great deal of bewilderment. REMIT looms large, with the Implementing Acts, due in November, set to trigger deadlines in May and November 2015. And the confusion around EMIR is not finished, with low matching rates, continued lack of clarity over what commodities data really looks like. And so, many in the... continue reading

Electricity Market Reform, Pandora Is Out Of the Box

Published 14 January 2014 by Aily Armour-Biggs Electricity is the most volatile commodity in the world; and our markets are undergoing profound change.  This means for a number of game changing reasons, for example, Electricity Market Reform, European Market Infrastructure Regulation and global commodity flow: the price of power in the UK market could become very volatile.  As experts in energy trading and finance we would warn that the potential price risk in the UK power market has never been so high. Electricity Market Reform (EMR) represents the biggest change to UK power market since the Industry was privatised nearly 25 years ago.  EMR is complex, being a mixture of policy changes, new markets and existing code reviews all interacting with each other.  From our modelling of EMR we see... continue reading