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CTRMRadio Edition 7 – Disaggregation of CTRM

21 - February - 2019 | CTRMRadio – Episode 1 of 2019 on the Disaggregation of CTRM featuring Bob Stilwell of Capco, Richard Williamson and Bruce Tozer of Gen10 and Simon Piercy of CTRMCubed along with Gary Vasey and Patrick Reames of ComTech.... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 6 – Disruptive Technologies and Commodity Trading and Risk

5 - November - 2018 | Episode 6 of CTRMRadio focuses on exploring the findings of ComTech’s recent Disruptive Technology report (available from CTRMCenter as a free download). Featuring interviews with Dr. Markus Seiser of FIS and Mr. Colin Hartley of DrillingInfo (Datagenic), ComTech explores how cloud, AI, ML and Blockchain may impact the commodity trading and risk management industry.... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 5 – The Changing Nature of the CTRM Procurement Process

7 - September - 2018 | CTRMRadio podcast 5 visits the topic of the changing nature of procurement in the CTRM and CM software space. The Cloud is helping shape a new way to procure software that uses proof of concept or trials to help shape and confirm a decision. With the help of our guests – David Calmonson of EnergyOne, Tim Rogers of Contigo, Richard Williamson and Bruce Tozer of Generation 10 and Mayank Moudgil of CAPCO – we explore the... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 4 – CTRM as an Ecosystem

6 - July - 2018 | The 4th edition of the monthly Podcast series from Commodity Technology Advisory LLC. CTRM as an ecosystem with Neil Palmer of Beacon, Gareth Phillips and Libby Koehn of Brady, and Michael Hinton of Allegro. What is an ecosystem? What has facilitated the move to the concept of an ecosystem? What are the pros and cons of such an approach and more.... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 3 – M&A in CTRM

9 - May - 2018 | The 3rd edition of the monthly Podcast series from Commodity Technology Advisory LLC reviews some of the M&A activity in the CTRM software space, both recently and historically, and looks forward to how factors such as emerging technologies might shape the future landscape of CTRM vendors. Your host, Patrick Reames, discusses these topics with industry executives Ken Knowles of OpenLink and Frank Brienze of Allegro, and Gary Vasey speaks with Brady’s Libby Koehn.... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 2 – CTRM in the Cloud

3 - April - 2018 | Commodity Technology Advisory LLC investigate the concept of CTRM in the Cloud in the latest issue of CTRMRadio. What is it? What questions should buyers ask? Is it properly defined? CTRMRadio hosts, Gary M. Vasey and Patrick Reames are joined by guests Dr. Markus Seiser, COO, FIS Energy, Mark Hill, CEO of ValueCreed, Samir Soleja, Founder and CEO of Molecule Software, Jose Tumkaya of Commoditech Ventures and Steve Hughes, CEO of Aspect in discovering more about... continue reading

CTRMRadio Edition 1 – Three Technology Trends Impacting CTRM

28 - February - 2018 | Commodity Technology interviews Jan van den Brom (Agiboo), Steve Hughes (Aspect), Tim Rogers (Contigo) and Arnt Sollie (Powel) on their thoughts on the top 3 technology trends impacting CTRM in 2018. If you have ideas about disruptive technologies in CTRM, please do give us your opinion at www.surveymonkey.com/r/disruptCTRM. Our thanks to our guests…. Credit – Darren Marlar of Marlar House – introduction and ending credits.... continue reading