AGTools, Inc. Launches; New Online Tool Designed to Increase Profitability for Farmers and All Stakeholders in the Food Supply Chain

By providing Key Data to AG Industry, AGTools Helps Decrease Food Waste and Increase Profitability

RVINE, Calif.Oct. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AGTools, Inc. has combined its extensive agriculture industry experience and knowledge to create and launch a brand-new online tool enabling the agriculture industry to improve decision making, reduce waste, and increase revenue. The tool is the first of its kind in the agriculture industry designed to help farmers by providing hard data in real time to food supply chain stakeholders, helping to improve their bottom line.

The agriculture industry is fast-paced and farmers work long days. Any one of a series of variables can cause drastic swings in farm profit. This includes market crop pricing, energy pricing, climate changes, currency swings and much more. AGTools brings change to this vital industry, with an objective of bringing the data in a practical, effective manner directly to the farmer and all members of the food supply chain to allow them to make better, more profitable decisions.


Lack of real-time data impacts the agriculture industry and is part of the cause of over $74 billion dollars of food waste per year in the USA and over $350 billion worldwide from harvest to distribution centers. AGTools provides real-time algorithm data by gathering and mining of over 513 commodities of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and ornamentals to reduce waste and increase profitability. The new, user friendly online tool helps those in the industry to better determine when to plant, harvest, ship, and buy to increase their ROI.

The AGTools team brings many years of first-hand industry experience to the creation of this new technology. The management team at AGTools consists of 12 highly-qualified individuals from different areas of the world. Each team member has a unique agriculture background bringing diverse skills. That input has helped to further develop and advance AGTools to be a well-rounded platform for anyone working in the industry starting with farmers and all supply chain stakeholders.

AGTools offers over 40 million real-time and historical records. It is powered by, a division of IBM, and provides information from over 125,000 weather stations across the USA.

About AGTools, Inc.: 
AGTools, Inc. (www.Ag.Tools) provides web-based solutions to help growers, processors, and distributors be more profitable throughout the food supply chain. Winner of the Microsoft Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence award, AGTools is a customizable solution that is designed to provide information in real time. The data provided by AGTools is critical to decision making pre-, during and post-harvest season, based on present and/or historical market status. AGTools’ commitment is to help customers – growers, packers, shippers, exporters and importers worldwide – get a better value for their crops by maintaining excellent quality and reducing losses. AGTools is backed by a number of minority-certified companies and is actively pursuing minority certification itself.

About the Team:
The backbone of AGTools is a team of ag professionals and technology visionaries who are experts in the many issues farmers face. Those issues include food compliance, logistics management, fair shipment settlements, traceability, packaging and labeling requirements, and many other subjects that are vital to food production. For almost ten years, the AGTools team has worked in agriculture production, packing houses, and distribution and has used this vital experience to build a real-time ag data tool to help stakeholders throughout the food system to be more profitable.

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