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Agiboo and DTN partnership

Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Minneapolis, Minn. USA — April 25, 2013 — Agiboo BV and DTN today announced the formation of a strategic partnership to develop communications interfaces for streaming DTN information into the Agiblocks Commodity trade and Risk Management (CTRM) system. The interfaces will help commodity traders and purchasers using the Agiblocks system to reduce manual data entry of pricing information and contracts allowing mark to markets, risk management on their physical and derivatives position including the use of Value at Risk (VaR).


The interfaces will facilitate the transfer of DTN information to the Agiblocks Commodity Trade and Risk Management system in multiple areas such as physical (inventory and physical contracts), futures, options and OTC contracts. Helping traders stay on top of the volatile, complex and fast-moving commodities market, the agreement provides traders with the ability to capitalize on market opportunities more effectively and increase efficiencies in their operations.

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“We see great benefit to our customers by reducing effort with the ‘mark to market’ valuation process, improving contract pricing data integrity, and more efficiently managing offers in concert with DTN’s agribusiness tools,” says Jan van den Brom , CEO at Agiboo BV. “Being able to automatically run mark to market price contracts, and instantly have correct unrealized or realized P&L (Profit and Loss) will be a most welcome labor-saving feature and moves risk management to a new level.”



For Agiboo BV:
Jan van den Brom, CEO,
+310(0) 36 521 3131


For DTN:
Sandi Scott
+1 (952) 851-7216,

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Published 19 April 2013