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Eka Unveils E-Sourcing, a cloud-based source-to-pay solution

Eka’s Cloud Platform provides a unified solution to manage purchasing, payment, contracts, and collaborate across the entire supplier network


Cloud-based software provider Eka aims to transform legacy-based supply chain workflows with the unveiling of its platform driven E-Sourcing solution that delivers a new standard in collaboration, transparency, efficiency and quality across a wide range of business functions and industries.

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Managing supplier operations with legacy tools often requires teams to spend hours in exchanging emails and phone calls, and using spreadsheets to update data, leading to limited visibility and inaccuracies that create unnecessary risk. Eka’s E-Sourcing solution offers a way to overcome these challenges with a platform-driven cloud solution that recognizes and solves major points of weakness in sourcing operations while enhancing supply chain resiliency.

Based on Eka’s far-reaching experience in automating commodities and direct materials supply-chain, E-Sourcing is a first-of-its-kind platform driven solution that offers a unified interface, creating mutual visibility and accountability between businesses and their suppliers for improved performance. With seamless integration to ERP, the solution lets businesses view changes in real-time from a single source and respond in time to avoid supply disruptions.

Eka’s E-Sourcing addresses specific and highly nuanced requirements of agriculture, energy, food, mining and manufacturing supply chain participants. It leverages powerful collaborative workflows to achieve automated matching of invoices, purchase orders and receipts, for faster, reliable, and accurate invoice processing.

Manav Garg, founder and CEO of Eka said that while the development of E-Sourcing was informed by the specific needs of commodities and direct material businesses; Eka will continue to iterate, enhance and add new capabilities to the platform on a rolling basis to expand its use cases into other industries and sectors.

Eka’s E-Sourcing builds a fully collaborative network across the supply chain with far superior levels of transparency, flexibility and agility. The value of these benefits extends far beyond commodities. It is not a difficult leap to see how such a robust and extensible e-sourcing solution can be applied across multiple business functions throughout an enterprise,” said Garg.

In early 2021, Eka announced “Mission Digital,” a business and technology strategy to empower customers across the supply chain by digitizing critical business processes. As one of Mission Digital’s anchor solutions, Eka will continue to invest and enhance the E-Sourcing solution to address specific needs of non-commodity specific manufacturing sectors in the coming months.

About Eka Mission Digital

Mission Digital is Eka’s comprehensive business and technology strategy to accelerate digital transformation and modernization of businesses and sectors across the supply chain.  Through an agile, cloud-based platform, Mission Digital applies an innovative solution-driven approach that delivers:

  • a completely automated workflow to drive business resiliency;
  • a simplified interface to support new ways of bringing employees, processes, and technology together in one place;
  • and instant access to multiple buyers and suppliers across the global supply chain.

About Eka Software Solutions

Eka Software Solutions is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that help customers digitize and improve their direct materials business functions across agriculture, energy, metals, mining, and manufacturing industries. Built to accelerate customer’s digital journey to the cloud, Eka’s platform-driven solutions enable businesses to quickly adapt and overcome complex challenges in trading and risk, supply chain, business collaboration and financial management. With over 400 employees, Eka supports more than 100 customers globally and has proven industry expertise in helping customers achieve digital transformation, solving complex business challenges in an environment of continuous change. Read more at