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Euro Alloys implement Gen10’s CommOS 100% remotely

UK, April 2021

Gen10 today announced their latest successful remote implementation as Euro Alloys began using their CommOS commodity management system. The implementation under Covid-19 “lockdown” was made possible by the off-the-shelf, scalable cloud design of CommOS.

Euro Alloys, a leading global merchant in nonferrous metal products, completed this digital transformation of their CTRM, ERP and accounting software whilst their team were working remotely, and without a single face-to-face meeting with Gen10 – far from the norm when onboarding new critical business systems.

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The successful go-live under lockdown conditions was made possible by the close cooperation of the teams at Euro Alloys and Gen10. The teams made use of technologies including web conferencing, video and messaging software to ensure close collaboration with as light a touch as possible throughout the project. Good project management on both sides, as well as direct contact between Euro Alloys and developers at Gen10 cemented this success.

Training included video calls for each team, videos for self-directed learning, one-on-one sessions and self-directed sessions with Gen10 support. Prior to go-live, the Euro Alloys team used a custom instance of CommOS for testing and due diligence training, giving them the confidence and knowledge that the system could manage all their scenarios.

These scenarios include copper and aluminium ingots and scrap, and aluminium wire rod coils, among other products. Euro Alloys ensured all could be managed through their typical FOB/CIF deliveries from origin to customer, including managing letters of credit and import/export documents. They also established their processes for shipping goods into warehouse in Europe for onward distribution in smaller parcels.

Scenarios managed in CommOS also include uploading technical specifications from laboratory data directly into the system for each distinct coil so that Euro Alloys can cherry pick the best products for their customers and produce their certificates, documents and packing lists.

This makes use of not only Gen10’s inventory management module, with its ability to handle multiple lots and split parcels, but also its ability to handle unit-level controls and the adaptable workflows that map to each process.

Euro Alloys can now link their physical assets with their hedges. They also gained full visibility over their inventory pipeline – what’s in warehouses, what’s coming in and what has been allocated to customers, providing full traceability back to origin at the individual unit level.

The customisations were made possible because CommOS is available pre-configured for a range of commodities, whether bulk vessels, containerised lots or palletised units. Gen10’s workflow engine mapped the different supply chain processes, checks and balances for Euro Alloys to pin down their operational risks and create efficiencies for every scenario.

The digital transformation project also involved the implementation of an ERP/accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central, which was managed with the help of Gen10’s partners FAECT. Gen10’s seamlessly 2-way integration with the system completes the feedback loop back to traders and operators, with real-time credit limits and aged accounts, providing relevant up-to-date business alerts. These alerts in turn help drive the workflow engine by providing the workflow checks and balances.

Euro Alloys now have the commodity management functionality they need to improve their operational efficiency, manage their hedge book, conduct P&L analysis within the system and manage their credit risk/credit lines like never before.

Chris Russell-Jones, Finance Director at Euro Alloys said:

“Working with Gen10’s CommOS system provides scalability to our business and will support substantial growth in our operations through ensuring accurate and efficient data handling.

The integration of contracts, hedging and stock control into one system, combined with many automated features within CommOS & integration with our accounting software, underlies the accurate and efficient data handling, and significantly supports the business in risk management.

The analysis tools provide real time management insight into current and forecast business.

We have found Gen10 team to be professional, knowledgeable and supportive, we look forward to working with them as a trusted partner for years to come.”