ProCom solution for power plant optimization boosts energy efficiency in vehicle construction

Aachen-based consultancy ProCom supplies deployment schedules for energy optimization in the Leipzig factory of the BMW Group

Aachen (Germany), July 02, 2018 – The BMW Group is now using BoFiT software from ProCom (Aachen) to optimize the efficiency of their CHP plants at the Leipzig factory site. For this ProCom supplies daily forecasts for optimal deployment of the two CHP modules (each with a capacity of 3 MWel) and the four boilers. ProCom uses their in-house BoFiT solution for this. Based on data provided by the BMW Group and forecasts of electricity and heat demand, it generates deployment schedules for the next day. The objectives are to provide energy for the site as economically as possible and to use more than 70% of the heat generated by the two CHP modules (high-efficiency criterion) in order to optimize utilization of the CHP facility. In addition, use of the public power grid should be counter-cyclic, which means reducing external electricity consumption especially during high grid load periods to minimize grid charges.

Optimization is based on a model that reflects contracts, plant characteristic curves and procurement channels. Using this model along with current operating data, demand forecasts and fuel prices, ProCom calculates when it is worthwhile to deploy the CHP plants and when it is better to purchase electricity or operate the boilers in order to comply with the German high-efficiency and grid-use criteria. Furthermore, ProCom deployment scheduling is intended to support successful participation in the reserve capacity market. Scientific backing for the project is provided by the FZI Research Center for Information Technology.


The BMW Group started testing the optimization service at the Leipzig site in May 2018. After several weeks, deployment of the CHP and boiler plants will be solely based on the ProCom recommendations.

From now on, CHP plant use at the Leipzig factory of the BMW Group (see picture) will be optimized by ProCom forecasts and schedules. (Photo: BMW PressClub Germany)

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