TRADESPARENT announces collaboration for margin protection services for commodity price sensitive businesses with Alvarez & Marsal

TRADESPARENT announced today its collaboration with the leading global professional services firm, Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), to deliver innovative and game changing performance improvement services for businesses whose margins are highly exposed to commodity price fluctuation. The new ways of working and client solution will be called Dynamic Margin Management. The new services will combine sophisticated margin management tools that integrate many and varied data sources with industry, change leadership and implementation expertise to deliver effective Dynamic Margin Management. Dynamic Margin Management will help clients to make better commercial, operational and trading decisions. Businesses such as food and agri-commodity processors will benefit from these new performance improvement services, with Dynamic Margin Management enabling them, for example, to lock in the projected monetary difference between feedstock costs and output product pricing, to ensure optimal returns.

TRADESPARENT and A&M will jointly market Dynamic Margin Management to companies, showcasing how it provides business leaders with executive-level expert advice. “This collaboration leverages A&M’s corporate performance improvement heritage and TRADESPARENT’s physical commodities advisory services experience in combination with a novel and proven software solution”, said Ito van Lanschot, Chairman of TRADESPARENT BV. “By drawing upon our respective operating and business capabilities, expertise, knowledge, and innovative technologies, Dynamic Margin Management can help to improve companies’ performance to best drive new business opportunities, spur innovation and reduce costs”.

“Increasingly our clients need to link commercial decision making with their exposure to commodity market volatility,” said Lawrence Hutter, Co-Head of A&M’s Corporate Performance Improvement Practice in Europe. “The margin accretion impact from making these linkages can be substantial. The combination of TRADESPARENT’s and A&M’s tools and skills will enable businesses to fully embed and realize the benefits of Dynamic Margin Management disciplines.“

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TRADESPARENT is a global leader in providing Commodity Margin and Risk Management software solutions. TRADESPARENT’s – “One Source of the Truth” – software has been developed, modeled and built by commodity industry executives; driven by the challenge to find an adequate software solution supporting tomorrow’s industry needs. Powered by its comprehensive BI Data & Analytics platform, it provides daily insights of volume and value on risks and margins with its analytics for informed decision-making by industry professionals “long in data and short in time”. It also has its unique Dynamic Margin Management module to improve company performance and the latest Regulatory Compliance MiFID II, EMIR and FMIA Reporting modules .

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