TRADESPARENT, the leading Data and Analytics Solution for the commodities trade and processing industry, today releases a white paper on how to conquer your data and master your compliance reporting.

November 1st, 2018. Businesses active in the commodities industry continue to face increased regulatory oversight with requirements differing by region and country. Market participants are faced with a daily challenge; to keep a good overview of their performance and risk exposure. In practice this means having daily, actual and up-to-date insights in overall business positions, which is difficult, labor intensive and expensive. Especially as usually the underlying data needed resides in many different internal and external systems. As an outcome, keeping track of global positions in real-time is almost impossible.

TRADESPARENT’s white paper “Conquer your Data, Master your Compliance Reporting explains how to take a data-driven, risk based approach to regulatory reporting to handle any derivative rule or regulation in 3 simple steps.

Read the full White Paper here

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TRADESPARENT is an integrated Data & Analytics software solution for the commodities trade and processing industry.

TRADESPARENT easily and quickly unifies and prepares any type of business data from CTRM, ERP, Finance systems and/or excel spreadsheets across all business levels into a secure and governed Single Source of Truth Data Repository for faster and enhanced reporting and analysis. The software solution is non-intrusive, does not interfere in daily operations and can be adapted to any existing data landscape.

TRADESPARENT offers a full suite of features for users, based on industry knowledge & experience to help companies comply with regulations, provide thorough volume and risk performance reporting and enhance forward margin and yield forecasts.

TRADESPARENT aspires to assist companies in unlocking the full potential of their data by bringing simplicity, consistency and transparency to daily financial and physical operations. Please visit for more information.


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