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Volue solutions for grid operators – Volue at E-world trade fair (June 21.-23., Essen, Germany) in Hall 3, booth 3-336

(Oslo/Aachen, 21. Juni 2022) Volue ASA (OSE: VOLUE) – With new solutions, Volue offers assistance to those who want to master the energy transition better and faster and secure advantages in the market. In addition to power generation and marketing, the current focus is also on grid issues, because the energy transition is taking place in the distribution grid. Renewable energy, the electrification of the heating sector and e-mobility are placing higher demands on the grid – both in terms of performance requirements and flexibility. The Volue Power Grid family of solutions offers a variety of tools to optimize the planning, operation, and maintenance of medium and low-voltage grids by making functions familiar from the transmission grid available to distribution grid operators.

More efficiency in grid operation through documentation and automation

In contrast to high-voltage and extra-high-voltage networks, data on assets in the distribution network is often not yet available centrally, but in different databases. Volue’s documentation solution brings together information about the assets, in terms of their location, connectivity and maintenance history, thus creating the basis for better decisions in operation, network expansion and maintenance planning.

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Last but not least this database makes it possible to respond quickly and efficiently to requests for new network connections: the Volue Connection Services module can automate many of the processes involved in a connection request, such as calculations on the impact of the new connection on network utilization, thus reducing working time and speeding up processing.

Volue’s Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) supports real-time operations at all voltage levels, both for planned work on the network and for fault management. The solution also helps communicate with customers, field staff, the customer service center, and other departments of the network operator. At the same time, ADMS provides information and forecasts that are useful in managing flexibilities, for example, as part of CLS management.

Web app makes grid calculation available to non-grid planners

Volue also now makes network calculation available to employees outside of core technical departments. The new web app is characterized by its ease of use, which allows administrators and managers without in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering to perform elementary network calculations. This reduces in-house inquiries to the network planning department.

Spark Energy Neighbourhoods

Spark offers distribution grid operators reduced risk for grid constraints in the low-voltage grid as a 24/7 data-driven service. The Spark partner ecosystem is an ecosystem enabling grid-aware charging and local energy coordination by optimising electric vehicle charging, rooftop solar panels, residential batteries, heat pumps and electric water heating.

Thousands of electric vehicle owners being individually smart, all charging when the power price is low, is highly problematic for the local network operators. At the regional level, we have market instruments to balance demand and supply 24/7. For the neighbourhood/low-voltage level, there are no such instruments to keep the system stable. Spark is creating smart neighbourhoods through a partner ecosystem to close this gap.

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AMDS Smart Grid Portal.jpg:
Volue’s ADMS Smart Grid Portal. (Image source: Volue)

The Spark approach is to provide grid-aware charging management at the local level to address grid congestion. (Image source: Volue)

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