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Interview Corner - Newsletter

Towards Commodity Management in the cloud – An Interview with Saurabh Goyal, Founder and CEO, Phlo Systems

Published 31 January 2024

ComTech Advisory: How would you describe Phlo Systems and its software solutions to our readers? Saurabh Goyal: Phlo Systems develops and deploys SaaS cloud and emerging technologies such as AI... continue reading

BBGC – Specializing in CTRM Implementations – An Interview with Amir Soufizadeh, Managing Director, BBGC

Published 21 September 2023

ComTech Advisory: Tell us about BBGC – how it got started, your role in it and its objectives? Amir Soufizadeh: BBGC represents the next generation of commodity and risk management... continue reading

Thought Leaders RoundTables - Newsletter

Disruptive Technologies in Commodity Trading and Risk Management

Published 16 March 2021

If, like us, you keep an eye on what is going on in the world of CTRM then you will have seen the constant reminders that technology is one of... continue reading

How will the CTRM vendor landscape evolve? – Thought Leaders Q&A

Published 21 September 2016

This last quarter, we asked our Thought Leadership panel the following questions. ComTech: “In our recently released 2016 CTRM Vendor Perceptions Report, when our respondents were asked to name vendors... continue reading

Impacts of low commodity prices on CTRM software

Published 23 May 2016

Commodity Technology Advisory Question – We’re hearing that OPEX is under considerable pressure at a majority of energy and commodity trading shops, with some facing cuts as high as 30%... continue reading

CTRM Thought Leaders Panel Addresses “Build vs Buy”

Published 26 February 2016

Question: In conversations with several global scale commodities traders over the last few months, ComTech has noted an increasing interest in pursuing internal builds of CTRM systems. The question is... continue reading

Special Editions - Newsletter

Carbon Trading: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again

Published 13 October 2016

It had been a rough day in the carbon markets for Arnulf Kohler. But that was typical for Arnulf (known by Arn to his very few friends) who led an... continue reading

Blurred lines – CM, ERP and CTRM

Published 7 September 2016

One of the key topics in the recently released CTRM for Ags & Softs study report was the definition of Commodity Management and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM). We... continue reading

ETRM / CTRM Software – To Build or Buy? That is The Question

Published 14 March 2016

With around 90 or more software vendors offering a variety of commercially available solutions in the area of ETRM and CTRM software and a history of commercial solution development going... continue reading

What You Should Not Have Missed From The CTRM Center

Published 13 November 2015

The Importance of Price Curve Management In A More Regulated Commodity Trading Environment In an era of significantly tighter regulation and oversight of commodity markets, forward price curves have taken... continue reading