ETRM and PPAs – The View from Down Under

An interview with Mr. Shaun Ankers, CEO, Energy One

ComTech Advisory: Can you give us an update on Energy One? What key initiatives are you involved in?

Shaun Ankers: Energy One has had a busy year, consolidating our acquisition of Creative Analytics in our home market.

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We are now the most popular ETRM vendor in Australasia, with 95+ installations and 1000+ users for our various software products and modules. Approaching 50% of the wholesale energy in Australia is managed using our solutions.

We offer a suite of ETRM products and services including:

  • Market analytics
  • Deal capture, risk, settlements (ETRM) for all energy commodities
  • Physical trading (e.g. electricity, gas) systems for spot market bidding and logistics
  • Gas transmission nomination, scheduling and invoicing solutions for TSOs
  • Energy Process automation software (EnergyFlow) which serves to automate complex processes such as PPA settlements or other energy trading commercial decision support.

We have recently begun to market our EnergyFlow solution in UK and Europe to assist customers in dealing with similar problems to those they share across the globe, namely dealing with complex and labour-intensive contract management and transaction automation.

ComTech Advisory: We were introduced to EnergyFlow a while ago, what progress have you made with the product?

Shaun Ankers: Three key area of overseas progress

  • First client about to go live (delay is on the side of the counterparty as the EnergyFlow client is now satisfied it has passed its acceptance
  • Identified a key use case. PPA management (which is the initial use by the first client
  • Successfully developing a partnership network of renowned energy consultants in the U.K., Germany and the U.S.

ComTech Advisory: You have had some success in applying it to PPAs recently. Can you tell us how it applies to that use case?

Shaun Ankers: PPAs are typically managed in Excel. ‘Programming’ PPAs in Excel is a lengthy process.

It is open to copy & paste errors, lacks auditability, repeatability, is hard to automate and distribute around an enterprise (e.g. for authorization / validation). Each PPA has to be configured in its entirety. EnergyFlow addresses all these issues and consequently mitigates risk, increases availability and dramatically reduces valuable resource.

ComTech Advisory: Have you got any active customers using it?

Shaun Ankers: Outside Australia we have one in the U.K. awaiting final go live (as above).

ComTech Advisory: How are you marketing/selling the product globally?

Shaun Ankers: Increasingly by partnering with key energy consultancies. On a client by client basis we offer a proof of concept to demonstrate its suitability.

ComTech Advisory: How do you see the general ETRM software market these days particularly in your home turf?

Shaun Ankers: We see a strong trend towards fast-start, demand-side and storage initiatives and technologies, with what is currently the world’s largest battery installation (100MW) in South Australia.

Partly in response to this trend, the ETRM market in Australia is about to undergo a major upheaval with the transition to 5-minute settlement periods in 2021. Since the current market is for half-hourly intervals, customers will be required to manage a 6-fold increase in data volumes and consequent increase in complexity. This will mean upgrades and new systems for several energy companies operating in the market.

Both at home and abroad, we also see a trend towards cloud-hosted and SaaS type delivery options, as customers (particularly new entrants) challenge the ‘on-premise’ paradigm for ETRM installations that has traditionally been dominant. Outsourcing the hosting and management of specialist software platforms allows customers to run leaner with internal IT departments and reduces load on business teams whenever new release versions are rolled out.

Dr Markus SeiserAbout Mr. Shaun Ankers CEO, Energy One

Shaun Ankers joined the Company in 2008 and has more than 20 years business experience, focused on the growth and development of technology businesses, including sales and marketing experience with Utilities and major clients.

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