Interview with Metafused

ComTech Advisory: What is Metafused and what does it offer?

Madhuban Kumar: Metafused’s platform provides automated AI predictions for financial services and increases their efficiencies by 20%. Its platform comprises of a set of interoperable and reusable microservices with various modules such as time series, natural language understanding, simulation and many others allowing its customers to build rapid AI products across the value chain which is agile and custom.

ComTech Advisory: What experience do you have in commodity markets?


Madhuban Kumar: Metafused works with large global banks and their commodity desks to make automated informed decisions at scale. It also helps with workflows and automates processes which take time and resources.

ComTech Advisory: Where do you see areas of application in the commodities business?

Madhuban Kumar: We see this in a number of areas, trading sales, faster pricing, reconciliation amongst others. We start with a data quality audit as part of our 10:10: 10 philosophy. In 10 weeks we deliver a POC, in 10 days a wireframe and in 10 hours we have a defined deliverable. Of course, we parallel process during this stage on how we will productionaise in the post POC into pilot and beyond.

ComTech Advisory: Why is automation important?

Madhuban Kumar: Automation is important to deliver top line and bottom line benefits. Financial services have automated algorithmic trading which is one narrow aspect, but there are 40-50 other areas in a bank that lack automation and eat into precious resources. Currently, the top banks spend 50% of their time in regulations and 10% of their cost base in operational efforts. With Mifid 11 banks will reallocate $300 million of a $1.3 billion equity market into regulations which will impact their topline directly. Also, by 2020, 300M new regulation pages will need overseeing and automation is key to help banks keep their heads above water.

ComTech Advisory: What is Ai and machine learning and why deploy it?

Madhuban Kumar: AI uses training models instead of software scripts to deliver outcomes. This means they tend to optimise on narrow tasks and get levels of accuracy and scale that were just not previously possible with software and humans. Ai does those tasks which humans and existing software cannot do and therefore promises to bring efficiency and new revenue opportunities. Of course, it start with understanding needs, starting small and having an iterative scalable process.

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Interview with Madhuban Kumar CEO of MetafusedMadhuban Kumar
CEO of Metafused

21 years in start-up, VC, and corporates.
Built the Barclays-Oyster card, led data projects.
Worked in corporate treasury.

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