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Regulatory Compliance TRADESPARENT

An interview with Mr. Alexander Regnault, Director Operations, TRADESPARENT

ComTech Advisory: TRADESPARENT now offers a variety of different solutions from risk management to regulatory compliance using the same approach and software, how are you able to do this?

Alexander Regnault: TRADESPARENT is an integrated Data & Analytics Solution with its roots in the commodity industry. From the ground up, the design has been geared towards data handling and then applying this data to reporting solution. We ingest, normalize and apply a variety of checks to trade data at the lowest denominator and have adapted the system to deal flexibly with the characteristics for financial and physical trade data. In addition, we have integrated the front-end reporting environment and designed it such that specific business logic can be applied at this stage of the process for best fit with the evolving business requirements.

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These fundamental design traits and experience in translating business requirements into systematized reporting have positioned us perfectly to deal with the derivative rules and regulations combined with our many other out of the box business solutions.

ComTech Advisory: How do the different offerings work together?

Alexander Regnault: At TRADESPARENT we believe in the collect, trust and engage principles with complete flexibility at each stage. No matter the data source, type, location, TRADESPARENT unifies all business data, integrating it into a secure and governed Data Repository. Add in the right reference data such as market prices and exchange limits, put in the metadata for organization and product hierarchy and you have the foundations for catering to the needs of different roles in the organization. Then TRADESPARENT prepares this data for timely and accurate reporting and analysis. TRADESPARENT offers a full suite of features for users, based on industry knowledge & experience on all levels. These features are grouped into the four TRADESPARENT solutions: Position & Performance, Risk Management, Dynamic Margin Management and Regulatory Compliance. The integrated and purposeful design make it a winning approach for anyone.

ComTech Advisory: In terms of regulatory compliance, what regulations are you able to assist your clients comply with?

Alexander Regnault: We assist companies with putting in place this centralized trade repository for all daily derivative transactions. Once up and running in a matter of weeks a range of compliance needs can be dealt with such as daily Trade Repository reporting, monitoring of threshold, analysis of hedge model and very important as well tracking of positions against exchange limits.

Besides the emphasis on derivative regulations, such things as reporting of cash positions underlying activities on the CBOT, known as 204/304 reporting, can be handled as well.

ComTech Advisory: How is your regulatory compliance solution different to others on the market?

Alexander Regnault: We distinguish ourselves in a number of ways. Namely the integrated trade repository and reporting is a key feature and the DNA of the solution being in commodities and proven in large scale operational settings time and again. Data management / handling / storage is the underlying strength and starting point, not the singular requirements known at that given moment and working back from there. This gives the flexibility necessary to adapt and change reporting as rules and regulations evolve.

ComTech Advisory: Who do you work with for regulatory compliance as it seems to be an area that constantly changes and requires good knowledge of the different regulations?

Alexander Regnault: Our emphasis is indeed on the automation of the rules and we do not pretend to be the specialist in the field of compliance. We work together and have partnerships with consulting firms in this area such as Baringa Partners. Our technical insights combined with their subject matter expertise assure a complete package for the client.

ComTech Advisory: Who has adopted your solution and what benefits have they accrued?

Alexander Regnault: We are working with the ABCD’s in this area, whereby they have recognized that a holistic approach is necessary to deal with this topic. Put the TRADESPARENT foundations in place capturing in a smart way all the transactions in one environment and deal with the regulations by jurisdiction one by one. The incremental benefits of satisfying the needs of compliance department, while also being able to leverage this data for other reporting and analysis is recognized across the board. Our longstanding clients who have these foundations already in place are seamlessly applying the regulatory module as well.

Mr. Alexander RegnaultAbout Mr. Alexander Regnault, Director Operations, TRADESPARENT

In both corporate and consulting environment Alexander has hands-on experience in corporate strategy, finance, risk management, compliance, planning and trading operations. Alexander´s area of expertise lies in the management of projects in these fields and the design and implementation.

Most recently Alexander successfully launched a new business line for regulatory monitoring and reporting. He completed the roll out at a Fortune 500 company and is presently implementing this solution for the largest privately held company in the world.

Alexander has also worked with a Forbes Global 2000 client on the roll out of their internationalization strategy of the agri trading division adding USD 1 billion in turnover to the business.