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Special Editions

Carbon Trading: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again

Published 13 October 2016

It had been a rough day in the carbon markets for Arnulf Kohler. But that was typical for Arnulf (known by Arn to his very few friends) who led an austere, lonely life, much like all the others in his profession. His job was filled with anxiety, he suffered from a lack sleep, and he was convinced his work environment was causing any number of other psychological disorders. It didn’t help that most workers in Arn’s profession were routinely ostracized by society, and it was disheartening to him that many considered his trade dishonorable and frequently accused him of evil... continue reading

Blurred lines – CM, ERP and CTRM

Published 7 September 2016

One of the key topics in the recently released CTRM for Ags & Softs study report was the definition of Commodity Management and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM). We concluded in the report that, “historically, Commodity Management (CM) emerged as a set of business processes related to the handling of commodities in the context of supplier-relationship management and procurement in entities that essentially utilized (consumed) raw materials for creation of intermediate or finished goods. To that end, it could naturally be seen as an extension of ERP, as it included managing supplier relationships, inventory, movements/supply chain, accounting, purchasing, processing... continue reading

ETRM / CTRM Software – To Build or Buy? That is The Question

Published 14 March 2016

With around 90 or more software vendors offering a variety of commercially available solutions in the area of ETRM and CTRM software and a history of commercial solution development going back 20 or more years, the idea of building a custom solution might seem something of a throw back. However, the truth is that the commodity trading business and its requirements can change so quickly that for large or complex, cross-commodity businesses, internal development of a custom solution can hold some attraction. There simply isn’t yet a commercial solution in the marketplace that can do everything for every commodity in... continue reading

What You Should Not Have Missed From The CTRM Center

Published 13 November 2015

The Importance of Price Curve Management In A More Regulated Commodity Trading Environment In an era of significantly tighter regulation and oversight of commodity markets, forward price curves have taken on a whole new level of importance. Internal and external auditors, as well as regulators, want to be certain that the valuations used to build up financial statements are irrefutable and truly represent fair value based on reliable data. Indeed, several of the regulations now in force also call for increased and better documented risk management processes, including mark-to-market and profit and loss calculations. Increasingly, funding banks and shareholders also... continue reading

2015 CTRM Conference – Your Opportunity to Explore CTRM

Published 16 September 2015

In just over a month, we will be hosting the 2015 CTRM Conference in London. This unique one-day event is the only one of its kind focused on the technologies that underpin the commodity trading and risk management sector. This event is undoubtedly the best place to stay informed as well as network with almost everyone in the business including vendors, service providers and end users. Last year’s event was well attended and well thought of by its attendees who numbered around 120. This year, we are focusing the conference around the theme of value. CTRM is almost 20-years old... continue reading

CTRM Thought Leaders Roundtable #2 – Demand for Technology in a Down Market

Published 1 September 2015

With the dramatic fall in commodities prices through this year, culminating in a accelerated crash to 16-year lows in the last 30-days, we wanted to visit with our CTRM Thought Leaders panel to get their thoughts as to the impact of this on the ETRM/CTRM markets, and to see if there is, in fact, a silver lining or two to be had in this new market reality. Here are our questions and their answers… Commodity Technology Advisory: With more or less all commodity prices hitting rock bottom and projections for this to last for some time, how do you see... continue reading

Why The Big Secrecy?

Published 28 August 2015

The longer we spend in this industry, the more CTRM software products we see, the more requirements that we listen to, the more we’ve come to understand that actually, much of what people do in the commodity trading industries is pretty much more or less the same. Yet, how many times have we heard that “the way we do things is proprietary and is a competitive advantage?” Well, as this industry matures, that’s a message that is getting harder and harder to believe every day. It’s an argument that is often used against deployment in the cloud – “our data,... continue reading

Allegro and JustCommodity – A Winning Combination?

Published 25 June 2015

Allegro Development has been, at least until last week, the only top 5 CTRM software vendor (as measured by annual revenues) that hadn’t pursued the acquisition of another CTRM related technology vendor. For more than 30 years, Allegro has successfully grown its business organically; and for the last three, has seen annual growth at or exceeding 20%, a rate well ahead of the overall market and many of their competitors. Nonetheless, last year’s recapitalization of the company by Vector Capital and Cerium Technology portended a change in that purely organic strategy. Quoted at the time of the investment, Allegro’s founder... continue reading

CTRM Thought Leaders Roundtable – The Question is Mobile Computing

Published 1 June 2015

Over the last several years, we’ve seen the CTRM industry, like many others, focus on a number of emerging technology topics, including cloud computing, Big Data, data visualization, real-time analytics and last, but not least, mobility. While some of these trends, such as Big Data, may be perceived as a bit of “a hammer looking for a nail” when viewed in the context of CTRM; others, such as cloud computing and mobility do appear to have gained traction in the market. At ComTech Advisory, we have covered and explored the topic of Cloud computing extensively in our research and reports.... continue reading

ComTech Forecasts 2015 Global CTRM Market at $1.68 Billion

Published 29 April 2015

Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech) has completed its biannual review of the CTRM software market in order to compile an estimate of the size of the global CTRM technology market, and prepare an outlook for growth across the various component submarkets that comprise it. The results of this effort are found in our newly released study, the 2015-2020 CTRM Market Outlook. To arrive at the market sizing estimates found in the report, ComTech utilized “a bottom-up” review of all known vendors of software solutions and tools that meet the criteria of CTRM technologies. While there are numerous vendors around the... continue reading

New MD of the IRM Division of OpenLink discusses optimization and trading with ComTech

Published 20 April 2015

A couple of months ago, we met up with Mr. Roland Jones at E-World in Essen. He had recently been appointed MD of the Vienna-based IRM Division of OpenLink. We were keen to find out a bit more about him and also about IRM in general. In particular, we were interested in the IRM product set and how it complimented that of OpenLink, where were the synergies and so on. We were also interested and intrigued by his thinking and strategy around analytics – something that ComTech deems to be a very critical aspect of CTRM now and into the... continue reading

An Interview with Richard Williamson, CEO, G10

Published 13 April 2015

Recently, we asked Richard Williamson, CEO of G10 to answer a few questions about his company, the market and CTRM. Given Mr. Williamson’s status of an long-time veteran of the Ags CTRM market, his answers provide an honest and insightful assessment of the market and the trends that influence it. It makes very interesting reading and we thank Mr. Williamson for his time. – CTA: G10 has made a couple of key hires in the last several months in sales and marketing, does that reflect on the readiness of the product for the market? – Richard Williamson: Readiness for new... continue reading

Reducing Selection Risk

Published 1 April 2015

We’ve been hearing recently from a number of vendors that E/CTRM deal flow seems to have heated up in Europe. If true, then it’s good news for everyone as at times, new deals have been somewhat rare around here. If companies are now starting to seek E/CTRM software with more urgency, then it’s perhaps a result of increased regulatory pressures, or just simple business need; as companies in the trading space are facing a turbulent and confusing time and need new software capabilities to gain clarity. As we’ve previously noted, companies that begin the process of acquiring a new E/CTRM... continue reading

A Year of New ComTech Initiatives

Published 11 March 2015

A Year of New ComTech Initiatives We have some really big plans for 2015 and we are pleased to be able to announce the first our new initiatives for the Year – The CTRM Thought Leaders program. CTRM Thought Leaders We have created the CTRM Thought Leaders program to recognize individuals that have made significant contributions to the technologies and related processes that are a critical component to the commodities trading industries. The Thought Leaders will serve on a standing ComTech panel of CTRM experts and will provide periodic input and answers to questions posed by ComTech around business and... continue reading

An Interview with Richard Quigley, CEO of DataGenic

Published 2 March 2015

A few months ago, you talked about the new product Genic DataiQ in a video interview that we did with you, can you tell us a bit more about the status of the product? Genic DataiQ is one of the most exciting new products in our portfolio that helps to showcase our underlying state-of-the-art technology through an intelligent, real-time and data agnostic front-end. Genic DataiQ is currently on trial with a number of clients within the Commercial & Industrial sector, a key target market for DataGenic with a formal release date of 1 April 2015. The planned date for general... continue reading

Spreadsheets in Commodity Trading – Friend or Foe?

Published 5 February 2015

ComTech Advisory has just released our first research report for 2015,Spreadsheets in Commodity Trading 2015, an examination of the continuing role of spreadsheets in CTRM. The research and report, sponsored by Generation 10 Ltd, is now available for free download at our website or at the CTRMCenter; the commodity industry’s leading portal for technology and business issues. Given the well-known issues related to spreadsheet use and the current activist regulatory environment, one might view the findings of our research as somewhat alarming. Spreadsheets have long been an integral part of any trading company’s armory of business and technical tools, and... continue reading

What Will 2015 Bring?

Published 15 January 2015

Happy New Year to all our friends, colleagues, clients and readers! 2015 has started with commodity prices largely continuing their fall, with the strengthening US Dollar hastening the declines in most commodities. The biggest story of this young year is the collapse of oil prices – now south of $50/bbl and headed to who knows where. Clearly, the commodity super cycle has run out of steam. Unfortunately, the cyclical nature of raw materials supply and demand seems to be something that can’t be avoided. The current iteration of this cycle is well-known; massive growth in Asian demand, lagging investment in... continue reading

An Interview with Bart Kroon, CEO of AGIBOO

Published 11 December 2014

Commodity Technology Advisory has been following new entrant AGIBOO more or less from its inception. The company has now developed its Agiblocks product and is moving from a focus on initial product development to more of a sales and marketing mode. It is also growing and has a number of customers now using its CTRM software primarily in the ags and softs space. As a the company matures and begins a slight shift in focus from developing the product in the first instance to selling, delivering and supporting it, as well as to help manage its growth, AGIBOO recently appointed... continue reading

The 2014 CTRM Conference – A Last Word

Published 12 November 2014

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) partnered with Commodities Now magazine to launch its CTRM Conference this October. The CTRM Conference was a unique 1-day event focused on the $1.6 billion CTRM software category, and held at The Pullman St. Pancras Hotel in London on October 2nd. The day focused on the key issues and trends impacting the E/CTRM software category, and was structured around a compelling agenda of presentations, knowledge sharing and roundtable discussions involving key users of CTRM and associated software and services in the industry, all supplemented by excellent networking opportunities. The CTRM Conference, attended by around 120 delegates,... continue reading

CTRM for LNG – A developing market

Published 29 October 2014

We’ve been getting some inquiries recently regarding the availability of CTRM solutions that have dedicated LNG trading capabilities – who are they, what functionality can they bring, and so on? Unfortunately, much like the spot markets in LNG, vendor-supplied software for managing the full lifecycle of LNG is really only now emerging and there are few vendors or solutions that can address all aspects of that lifecycle. The LNG Market While LNG production and trading is a long established industry, with the first commercial cargos being transported more than 50 years ago, the spot trading of LNG is still a... continue reading

Your E/CTRM Software is Important. Shouldn’t You Know More?

Published 10 September 2014

For many people in our industry, ETRM or CTRM software is something to get frustrated about periodically if, for some reason, screens and reports don’t perform quickly enough or the software isn’t working properly. I know that when I was running the operations of a European power trading operation, the only time anyone showed any interest in the trading software was when there was a problem. And when there was a problem, boy, did I hear about it! Given that for almost everyone in a trading firm, the E/CTRM software is simply either often taken for granted or may even... continue reading

Reliance on technology is one of your biggest risks – are you mitigating it appropriately?

Published 15 August 2014

A truism: If your company trades any commodity, you use software to manage your business. Moving past that simple statement, things get much more complicated and very difficult questions arise. Do you rely on vendor supplied and supported software, or do you rely on internally developed capabilities or spreadsheets? Just how much do you rely on your software to conduct the business of commodity production, trading and/or marketing? If your system or a component of your systems died overnight, could you still conduct business tomorrow? How much money would your business lose before you were able to recovery or reconstitute... continue reading

Uncertainty is Clouding the Energy Trading Outlook | ComTechAlert

Published 6 August 2014

The global energy markets are undergoing an unprecedented period of near unrelenting change, as technology innovations, regulation and geopolitical upheaval are shifting the fulcrum under the energy supply and demand balance. For energy commodity producers, traders, and consumers the implication of these changes is a prolonged period of market uncertainty. As the United States continues to rapidly grow its production of oil and gas from shale, and Canada increases production from its oil-rich tar sands, these new volumes are helping to support world oil markets as crude production outside the US declines due to increasing conflict in the Middle East... continue reading

Peter Armstrong, Triple Point’s former CEO, is joining Eka’s Board of Directors – A ComTech Interview

Published 30 July 2014

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech) was recently informed that Peter Armstrong, founder and former CEO of Triple Point Technology, has joined Eka’s Board of Directors. In light of this news, Patrick Reames, Managing Partner of ComTech, took opportunity to visit with both Peter and Manav Garg, Eka’s CEO and founder, to learn more about what drew Peter to the company and what this addition to the Board means for Eka. Patrick: It’s very interesting news, and I’m sure exciting for Eka, that Peter is joining the company’s Board. What brought about this addition to the Board? Peter:Thanks, Patrick. As you know,... continue reading

The CTRM Conference – ComTechAlert

Published 23 July 2014

By now, you may be aware that Commodity Technology Advisory is planning to launch the CTRM Conference series with a first event in London on October 2nd at the Pullman, St. Pancras, London. In order to make this the best possible event, we have partnered with Commodities Now, the leading trade publication covering the commodities trading space. While Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst firm in the CTRM space, we felt that by having a partner that had a track record organizing first-class industry events (The Commodities awards for example), had a good reach across all sides of the... continue reading

CTRM software upgrades – the value of keeping up

Published 8 July 2014

ETRM and CTRM solutions are, by their very nature, extremely complex software products.  They encompass multiple software technologies, complex data structures, advanced algorithmics and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lines of code.  Additionally, given that global-scale companies rely on these systems to capture, value and account for billions of dollars of transactions daily, they must be industrial grade – able to handle hundreds of simultaneous users reliably and with absolute security and 24 x7 availability. Maintaining Complex Software The scope of these products reflects the needs of the customers who buy them – multi-commodity trading companies, producers, utilities,... continue reading

Vendor Perceptions – ComTechAlert

Published 5 June 2014

The recently released 2014 CTRM Vendor Perception Study has been developed to provide insights into how the users, buying decision makers, and consultants that make-up the CTRM marketplace perceive the landscape of companies that produce and sell CTRM/ETRM products. But, why is this important? Vendors spend significant sums creating brands and trying to familiarize potential buyers with their products and capabilities; and via that process, work to establish a positive reputation in the market.  Buyers will use their familiarity and perceptions of those vendors when making decisions as to which vendors and products to include in a purchasing process.  Past... continue reading

Will your next ETRM/CTRM be delivered in the Cloud?

Published 30 April 2014

The idea of procuring an E/CTRM solution that is delivered in the cloud seems to be a much more acceptable alternative for many today than it was even just a few years ago. Though there is still a sense that, for the majority of potential buyers, anything but a traditional on-premises deployment could be seen as a potentially risky decision internally, the pendulum of acceptance for CTRM via the cloud does certainly appear to be swinging. However, in a recent ComTech study, respondents were largely unable to identify who sold E/CTRM solutions in the cloud. Need for Education The need for... continue reading

The Video – A New Trend in E/CTRM Software Marketing?

Published 9 April 2014

There was a time when vendors jealously guarded their software from competitors prying eyes. To get a demonstration of their software you had to be a bone fide prospect or independent third party. The reasons for this in our opinion, was the fiercely competitive nature of the ETRM and CTRM software market where a particular feature, function or even a screen, could actually mean the difference between a loss or a sale. There was too perhaps an element of paranoia. Well, ETRM and CTRM software markets are still extremely competitive but marketing tactics change and over the last year or... continue reading

European Regulation Roundtable – A pulse check

Published 19 March 2014

February was a very important month in Europe from a regulatory perspective as EMIR trade reporting finally kicked in on February 12th. With that milestone behind us, we now look to the introduction of REMIT reporting and MiFiD2. ComTech Advisory asked several vendors and consultants in the space about their views as the EMIR trade reporting got underway. ComTech Advisory: The ComTech/ETR advisory regulatory study[1] recently found that about 1/3rd of the industry thought that it was ready and compliant, 1/3rd was in progress with compliance and 1/3rd had done nothing at all. Does this agree with your perspective and... continue reading

Do the signs point to a good year for ETRM and CTRM tech spend?

Published 5 March 2014

Commodity prices and volatilities have usually been a fairly reliable leading indicator for spending on commodity trading and risk management solution. Generally, when commodity prices are trending down and volatilities are low, spending for ETRM and CTRM technology has also dropped; in markets when prices were trending higher and have been accompanied by moderate to high levels of volatility, spending for new technology products or new capabilities for existing products generally rose as well. As ETRM and CTRM technology is a relative small market in the overall scheme of things, it’s not always easy to discern a reliable trend, as... continue reading

CTRM and ETRM Vendor Perception ComTechAlert

Published 4 March 2014

The global energy and commodities industry faces numerous market challenges and risks, including greater regulation and governmental oversight, economic uncertainty, rapidly changing supply and demand patterns, and commodity prices and volatilities that are, perhaps more than ever, difficult to predict. The software tools and applications utilized by market participants, their ETRM or CTRM systems, are critical components in addressing these challenges. Unfortunately, the providers of ETRM and CTRM solutions are, themselves, facing a number of challenges that can and have impacted their users. These challenges include an increasing market demand for new technologies, capabilities and delivery mechanisms; merger & acquisition... continue reading

Towards a Common Lexicon for ETRM / CTRM in the Cloud Discussions

Published 19 February 2014

In ComTech Advisory’s recent study on ETRM and CTRM software in the cloud [1], we offered a slightly different perspective on the traditional Software as a Service model. The study concluded that there appeared to be much confusion over terminology, and that this lack of precise definitions of the various means of deployment was the root of much of that confusion. The term ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ appears to be used interchangeably with terms such as ‘cloud-based’ or even ‘hosted in the cloud’ and this allows vendors who can offer screen scraping using a tool like Citrix, for example,... continue reading

CTRM in the Cloud – Commodity Technology Advisory Roundtable

Published 6 February 2014

Recently, ComTech Advisory completed a major research project looking at the adoption of ETRM and CTRM software in the cloud. The final report was issued recently and is available for download at both ComTech Advisory’s website and the CTRM Center. In the light of its findings, we thought we would ask the three companies that sponsored the research some follow up questions. ComTech Advisory: Our recent CTRM in the Cloud study showed that there is quite a good understanding of the values and issues around cloud deployment models and that most respondents were willing to consider it as an option... continue reading

ETRM / CTRM in the Cloud does have a bright future

Published 22 January 2014

Commodity Technology (ComTech) Advisory’s CTRM in the Cloud study report is complete and is now available via a free download from our websites. Supported by research sponsors Aspect Enterprise, Brady PLC and Generation 10, this project examined the trends and issues, as well as the potential business benefits of wider adoption, of SaaS-based E/CTRM solutions. The data generated by the survey of the industry shows that, in general, Energy and/or Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) buyers are increasingly open to considering alternatives to traditional “on-premises” implementation (software installed on the customer’s in-house servers) and are more willing to adopt... continue reading

2013 CTRM market results indicate it’s increasingly a buyer’s market

Published 19 December 2013

19 December 2013 By Patrick Reames – Managing Director When ComTech Advisory released our 2013 CTRM Global Market Size Report a couple of months ago, we were forecasting that market revenues in 2013 would show virtually no growth over 2012. Now that we are nearing the end of the year, it looks as if that forecast will be just about right. Given the head winds facing the global commodities markets (including increasing regulation, low prices and low volatilities across almost all commodity classes); traders, merchants and processors have had a difficult time for the last couple of years and their... continue reading

Are you ready?

Published 5 December 2013

By Dr. Gary M. Vasey and Mr. Aviv Handler (of ETR Advisory) For us, 2013 was the year of regulatory readiness as several regulations were about to hit the European commodity trading industry. As we conducted our research into the impacts of regulations such as EMIR, REMIT and MiFiD2 (1) (kindly sponsored by TriOptima) however, it became clear that this view wasn’t necessarily shared by all of our colleagues across the industry. Many, it seemed, had their heads buried firmly in the sand. The first observation was that it was very difficult to get responses to the survey component of... continue reading

The Market for CTRM Products and Services Forecast to Exceed $1.9B in 2018

Published 13 November 2013

Patrick Reames – Founder and Managing Director Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech), has just released our 2013 Global CTRM Market Size report, an in-depth review and forecast of the CTRM market space from 2012 through 2018. In developing our outlook, we reviewed the current and perspective market for CTRM products and services by commodities, geographies and industrial market segments, allowing us to create a highly stratified view of the market, and providing us the ability to forecast growth at a fairly granular level. Overall, we anticipate the total global CTRM market will grow by 4-6%, with our estimates reflecting a midrange... continue reading

All Change?

Published 30 October 2013

Many years ago, we came up with a model of how the E/CTRM software market works. It was based, in part, on a technology adoption curve and employed the concept of ‘dislocation’ events.  The model was described in significant detail in the book Trends in Energy Trading, Transaction and Risk Management Software 2009-2010, which is still available. At the time that the book was in preparation, we were witnessing the financial crisis and its impact up on the industry: another dislocation event. Each dislocation event seemed larger than the previous one. The collapse of Enron and the mega-Merchants seemed huge... continue reading

European Commodity Market Regulations – Time to Act

Published 24 September 2013

24 September 2013 By Dr. Gary M Vasey & Mr. Aviv Handler (ETR Advisory) Introduction ComTech Advisory and ETR Advisory have released part 1A of their report on European Commodity Market Regulations – Implementation, Impacts and Solutions, sponsored by TriOptima. The report takes a detailed look at the regulations (EMIR, REMIT, MiFID2 etc.) and provides information on what commodity and energy trading firms may need to do to comply with the regulations taking into account a degree of uncertainty in terms of timing and the final requirements. Because of some of the continued uncertainty around the details behind the regulatory requirements, the... continue reading

US Natural Gas Markets – A Boom Driving a Bust

Published 5 September 2013

Patrick Reames – Managing Director, Commodity Technology Advisory The boom in US natural gas production has proven to be a double edged sword for many producers.  Increased production volumes are hitting up against sluggish demand and as a result, prices continue to be weak and the future outlook for improvement is murky at best. Low prices and lack of any real volatility, combined with increased regulatory scrutiny into commodity trading practices have led to a gas market that seems to be wandering between slight optimism and deep despair as prices have been unable to maintain any upward momentum. JP Morgan... continue reading

All Eyes on the Supply Chain

Published 22 August 2013

Recently, as I added vendors to the CTRMCenter directory, I was amazed to discover just how many CTRM vendors there are in total despite the many acquisitions that have taken place over time, but I was equally struck by the number of those that focus on agricultural and/or soft commodities. In the latter camp, I counted around 23 different vendors (Table 1), many of whom do not have an offering outside of the agricultural/softs arena. Table 1 – Vendors focused on or with a capability in Ags/Softs Agiboo Eka Software Solutions Logaviv AgroSirius Eximware OpenLink Aspect Enterprise Generation 10 Progressive... continue reading

Striking the Balance

Published 7 August 2013

by Dr Gary Vasey Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entitled “Under Attack” on our CTRMCenter web portal and I started the article with the following words – These days it does seem a little like commodity markets aren’t the flavor of the month. – so you can imagine that despite being on vacation, I eagerly consumed any and all news regarding banks and physical commodities in the US this last three weeks as it was reported that the U.S. Federal Reserve was “reviewing” a landmark 2003 decision that first allowed regulated banks to trade in physical... continue reading

The CTRM Vendor Space continues to Reshape and Redefine Itself

Published 24 July 2013

by Patrick Reames – Managing Director, Commodity Technology Advisory The recent announcement by Eka Software Solutions that they had acquired a stake in Australia’s Matrix Group marks just the latest deal amongst the vendors of commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) solutions in a space that has seen continuing consolidation and extension over the last several years (earlier this year Eka also acquired Calgary-based Encompass Solutions). Though the pace of acquisitions has slowed somewhat year to date, indications are that we will continue to see Eka, Brady, Triple Point, OpenLink and potentially others pursue additional acquisitions. I spoke with Manav... continue reading

The CTRM Center – A web portal for everything CTRM

Published 10 July 2013

26 June 2013 by Dr. Gary M. Vasey Commodity Technology Advisory is the leading analyst organization covering the Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) technology markets. We provide invaluable insights, backed by primary research and years of experience, into the issues and trends affecting both the users and providers of the applications and services that are crucial for success in markets constantly roiled by globalization, regulation and innovation. As industry analysts, we need to be constantly scanning the news and current trend horizon trying to decipher what everything may mean in terms of market developments and technology adoption.... continue reading

Sizing-up Market Trends in E/CTRM

Published 27 June 2013

Patrick Reames – Managing Director, Commodity Technology Advisory ComTech Advisory is beginning to pull together the granular analysis that is the foundation of our E/CTRM Technology Market Sizing Report due out in the next several weeks. In determining an estimate for market size, we examine not only the current activity in the market, but also historical activity in that it provides a sanity check on our data and also forms the basis for plotting the trajectory of current and out years’ activity. Additionally, we spend quite a bit of time and effort examining forward looking trends, in both technology and... continue reading

Key Challenges Facing CTRM Users

Published 29 May 2013

Dr. Gary Vasey, Managing Director – Commodity Technology Advisory Patrick Reames, Managing Director – Commodity Technology Advisory “Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” — Niccolo Machiavelli The wholesale energy and commodities trading markets are just like every other market, constantly embroiled in change. Supply and demand balances influence commodity prices, but emotional traders, who may have little understanding of the utility of the commodities they transact, actively seek out and potentially exacerbate price volatility. An increasingly globalized economy makes commodity market dynamics difficult to understand even for the most seasoned trader, and even harder to... continue reading

Commodity Technology Advisory Announces the Appointment of Dr. Gary M. Vasey as Partner

Published 22 May 2013

Dr. Gary M. Vasey joins leading analyst organization covering C/ETRM software – Commodity Technology advisory – as Partner and co Managing Director with Patrick Reames Houston, TX, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, April 30th, 2013. Commodity Technology Advisory is pleased to announce that Dr. Gary M. Vasey is joining the firm as a full partner and co-managing director with the company’s founder, Mr. Patrick Reames, to bring some 60-years of combined experience in commodity trading and technology markets to clients of the company.
As the leading analyst organization covering energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) software, the firm provides... continue reading