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2022 CTRM Vendor and Products Perceptions Report

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2022 CTRM Vendor and Products Perceptions Report

The 2022 Commodity Technology Advisory’s Vendor Perception Study (VPS) is a biennial survey and analysis conducted to establish end-user and market influencer perceptions of the CTRM vendors and software products, and to determine market leadership perceptions as well as buying criteria and brand awareness of the different vendors. As in previous years, the research survey was comprised of a comprehensive set of questions that CTRM end-users and industry consultants were invited to answer. CTRM system vendors were explicitly excluded from participating and ComTech analysts were diligent in ensuring no responses from any vendor representatives were included in the final results. The survey was open for responses during the Spring of 2022 and ultimately collected some 245 validated and usable responses.

The survey was promoted in many ways to attract bona fide respondents. ComTech Advisory used email notification, Linkedin posts, blog articles, banner advertising and verbal requests to encourage responses. CTRM vendors and service providers also promoted the survey of their own accord. Some 542 people opened the survey instrument over the collectIion period, while 357 of those attempted to complete some of the questions in the survey (66%). Some 35 respondents opted out at the privacy notice without answering any questions at all, while others who answered just the demographic questions were discarded. 245 responses (45% of total attempts) were determined to be both valid and usable – not all these respondents answered every questIion, however.

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