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CTRM For Metals – A Brief Review of Metals Solutions

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CTRM For Metals - A Brief Review of Metals Solutions

According to Commodity Technology Advisory’s (ComTech’s) most recent market sizing research, the metals side of the global Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software market remains the smallest of the three broad categories (Energy, Ags & Softs, Metals) by quite some distance. It is estimated to be around $173m USD for FY2022, which was just around 9% of total expenditures that year on CTRM software. However, the metals CTRM market is likely to grow at quite a pace over the next few years, spurred on by the global energy transition and increasing industrialization and electrification in developing countries. Though it is unlikely to exceed the size of the CTRM software market for either energy and/or ags and softs anytime soon, CTRM solutions servicing this space will benefit from the sharper focus on this increasingly important group of commodities by virtue of the energy transition and drive to net zero, and we can expect to see good growth in the foreseeable future.

Traditionally, there were very few comprehensive physical metals CTRM solutions on the market. By and large, choice was limited to a few software products by the then Brady PLC, Eka, SAP, and to some of those now offered by ION via OpenLink in particular. Although several other vendors claimed metals coverage for their CTRMs, the degree to which physical metals were covered was usually rather limited. Other vendors like Murex, for example, claimed financial metals capabilities and ION OpenLink was likely a stronger solution at that time on the financial side as well. Subsequently, Brady PLC has split into two separate entities and its’ metals CTRM solutions are now offered by one of its successors, Quor. In the last few years however, something quite remarkable has occurred in that many vendors appear to have recently introduced new CTRM solutions for metals, or added comprehensive capabilities, such as Gen10, Amphora, Commodities Engineering, Enuit, Fendahl, Mineman, and Datamine, amongst others. What drove this interest in metals on the part of vendors?

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