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CTRM Vendor Perceptions Report

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CTRM Vendor Perceptions

This 2014 CTRM Vendor Perception Study has been developed to provide insights into how the users, buying decision makers, and consultants that make-up the CTRM marketplace perceive the landscape of companies that produce and sell CTRM/ETRM products.

But, why is this important?

Vendors spend significant sums creating brands and trying to familiarize potential buyers with their products and capabilities; and via that process, work to establish a positive reputation in the market. Buyers will use their familiarity and perceptions of those vendors when making decisions as to which vendors and products to include in a purchasing process. Past research by the authors of this report indicate that buyers will initially use two sources of information when considering which system to purchase: 1) their personal knowledge and experiences of having previously worked with a vendor or software package, and 2) the knowledge, experiences and opinions of their peers in their industry.

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