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Achieving Natural Gas Operational Excellence nGenue

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Sponsored - Achieving Natural Gas Operational Excellence nGenue

Speak with enough natural gas LDCs, Marketers, and Utilities and a pattern of issues impeding business performance and customer experience quickly materialize. LDCs, Marketers, and Utilities manage an ever- increasing amount of data related to natural gas purchase, transportation, distribution, and risk; all of this in relation to customer acquisition, enrollment, natural gas usage and billing. Much of this data is constantly changing and involves complex relationships and calculations. In most cases, LDCs, Marketers, and Utilities are challenged to manage their operations data productively and efficiently, which impedes growth, taxes profitability, and adversely affects the end user experience. To realize its full potential, a natural gas business should take three actions to eliminate the most common barriers to business performance and put themselves on a path towards Natural Gas Operational Excellence.

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