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CTRM – The Next Generation

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CTRM – The Next Generation

There is no doubt that technology has undergone a sea-change over the last decade or so potentially making it possible to build and deploy software faster and more cost-effectively while offering a host of features that help users to work smarter, faster and with less opportunity for error. Additionally, the way that applications are designed and built has also changed to take better advantage of these technologies. While arguably there is no single technology that facilitates a paradigm shift in Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software, when you combine advances in all areas of solution development and deployment technology, then such a leap forward is both likely and desirable.

Nowhere is the gap between the possibilities offered by these leaps in technology and what is available as commercial solutions more apparent than in the commodity trading and risk management software category. There are many aging, legacy, solutions still being utilized, marketed, and deployed and yet, this is an industry that is experiencing unprecedented demands and change, which in turn, are placing increasing demands on the software it utilizes. What most commodity firms are seeking is more agile software platforms that can allow them to adapt and evolve through these changes. This growing demand is also accentuated by the younger, more tech-savvy people entering the business whose expectations are not being met by many existing solutions.

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