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Managing the Worlds Metals

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Managing the Worlds Metals

In an era that is likely to be dominated by the energy transition, metals are set to become the new foundation of modern society. As more of everything is powered by clean electricity, demand for metals will pick up with everything from greater quantities of base metals needed to make batteries to store it all the way through to copper for the cables to carry it.

Other metals like iron in the form of steel, along with rare earth elements and speciality metals, will all also be needed in ever greater quantities to support electrification and construction. Metals like Lithium, Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, Mercury, Silver, Cadmium are the key components of many types of battery along with Graphite in some instance.

Meanwhile, the so-called rare earth elements are critical components in many electronics and electrical components along with Copper, Gold, and Aluminium. All are becoming increasingly important. Yet, many of these metals are in short supply and are set to stay that way.

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