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Drielandendreef 42, Harderwijk, 3845, NL

Agiboo & Agiblocks

Agiboo BV headquartered in The Netherlands is a provider of commodity trade and risk management solutions with a focus on agricultural and soft commodities, specifically Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, Cotton and Grains. The flagship product Agiblocks has been adopted in the commodity trade and risk management industry since 2011 and has since been continuously improved to incorporate a decade of progress that reflects all the intricacies of your industry.

Agiblocks incorporates detailed understanding of the specific business and information technology requirements to successfully deploy commodity trading and risk management. Capturing all underlying details is simply a necessity for success. You need to have all the relevant data, and it needs to be reliable so you can respond to the real situation. It needs to be supported by quality mechanisms, available in real-time and capturing everything from pricing/hedging to trading factors and specific functions and features. Agiblocks is positioned as a ‘next generation’ CTRM solution for commodity purchasers and traders.

Agiboo Experience

Agiboo has its roots in the heart of commodity trade and is one of the organizations driving commodity knowledge through the industry. People at Agiboo have their background in or did projects for organizations such as: Agrifirm, Louis Dreyfus, Glencore, Nutreco, Toepfer, Nidera, Cargill, Sodrugestvo, Provimi, Viterra etc. Products of Agiboo BV have been deployed in more than 15 commodity industry companies, where additional services have been delivered to more than 25 commodity industry organizations.

Senior staff at Agiboo is well-versed in senior management roles in trade, procurement, finance and information management. For its development and delivery processes Agiboo employs senior staff with each individually > 20 years experience in software development and delivery. Besides in-house consultants and developers Agiboo has long standing relations with external software development and implementation consulting companies.

Agiblocks Demonstration

Agiblocks is a next generation commodity trade and risk management solution. Agiblocks has been developed in one of the latest (2014) available software architectures, is designed to be accessible for computer (browser) and tablet and is available in the cloud, so you get to quickly keep up with developments and, more importantly, you can work from anywhere.

it is rich in functionalities and supports all the flexibility that characterizes the industry, specialized for a certain commodity or commodity group. Key differentiators of Agiblocks are the configurability, accessibility and functionality specifics for the cocoa, coffee, sugar, cotton and other softs- and agri- commodity industries. Besides its unique technical architecture and advanced features & functionality Agiblocks offers a unique user experience, as the unique architecture, functionality and user interface offer trading companies an attractive alternative for existing CTRM solutions. Agiblocks offers agile deployment, single server or cloud set up, easy implementation and integration and an attractive total cost of ownership. An additional USP in particular is the fact that Agiblocks will offer, as of January 2021, per-transaction prices. That will instantly open the door for all kinds of smaller businesses. For example, if your company has two transactions a week, but you still need a full CTRM solution, that’s all you’re going to have to pay to use Agiblocks

The full range of Agiblocks functionality is available as a demo environment for your browsing leisure. You can easily familiarize yourself with the tools and features of the powerful and agile software solution and find out how you can make the daily practices of commodity trade and risk management more efficient. Find out more on