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+44 (0) 203 916 5405

Dubai, London, Singapore, Chicago, Paris, Pune, GB

Business Benefits Global Consulting (BBGC) is a multinational consultancy firm with offices in Middle East, Asia, Europe and USA. We deliver business benefits through innovation.
We leverage cutting-edge technology led solutions delivered by a team of skilled professionals, from sustainable software development to cloud services and operational excellence strategy. We have extensive expertise in Capital Markets and in particular Trading and Risk Management functions.

We help companies navigate unprecedented changes in the local and/or global markets. Our consultation services help investors, policymakers, and IT providers, among others. We make sure our clients create effective business practices to deliver efficient customer service.

We use data analytics, processes, and the latest technology to deliver results. The more challenging an industry is, the more beneficial a viable solution can be! We strive to deliver the best so our clients can benefit for a long time. Some markets we offer services to include:

  • Energy Markets
  • Mining
  • Oil And Gas
  • Trading
  • Retail Energy
  • Energy Policy And Regulation