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+1 (817) 812 2928

14785 Preston Road, STE 550, Dallas, TX, 75254-7899, US

IGNITE CTRM is a highly advanced, extremely intuitive, and easy-to-use, full-service commodity trading and risk management platform.

Founded in 2011, IGNITE’s Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) platform enables customers to maximize net profits, while significantly minimizing risks across globally distributed supply chains, where remotely dispersed workforces, high price volatility and unpredictable supply chain disruptions normally exist.

IGNITE’s advanced multi-commodity Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered, CTRM platform, gives our clients the confidence to work with speed and efficiency across an exceptionally secure, scalable, and reliable set of front, middle and back-office tools that provide unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness when confronting day-to-day operational challenges. Such advanced features include:

  • Cross-Commodity Coverage
  • Full support for Physical and Financial trading
  • Dynamic Pivot Reporting
  • Real-time Visual Vessel Tracking
  • Risk Management: Exposure Reporting, Value-at-Risk (VaR), PNL Explained
  • Advanced Straight-thru-Processing (STP) – “out-of-the-box” connectivity to CME and ICE
  • Accounting Interface APIs (both import and export)
  • Innovative Logistics Module, featuring advanced visual capabilities.
  • Invoice Multi-Language Translation Support
  • Multi-Factor Security (MFA) (external), paired with both custom and predefined security roles (internal)
  • Document Storage, Complete System Auditing, Notifications and much, much more…

IGNITE’s primary mission is to continue providing the most digitally innovative and continually advancing trading, risk, logistics and accounting centric technologies available, and at a fraction of the cost of competing CTRM vendors. IGNITE’s rapid implementation times, robust “out-of-the-box” functionality, flexible and intuitive reporting, no “plus-plus” pricing, self-service tools, and award-winning support, undoubtedly positions us as the “go-to” market vendor. Please visit to discover why IGNITE is Fueling the Power to Trade™.