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Mobius Risk Group


5847 San Felipe, Ste 2502, Houston, Texas, 77057, US

Mobius Risk Group LLC & RiskNet

 Mobius Risk Group LLC, headquartered in Houston, TX, is an independent energy risk advisory firm providing market guidance to clients needing timely and effective market risk advice. The brand manages multi-asset commodities and serves markets in the Americas and Europe, working with producers, consumers, private equity companies, investment banks, hedge funds, municipalities, utilities, refiners, processors, industrials, commercials, regulated oversight bodies, co-ops, commodity management companies, and commodity marketing companies to provide market strategic analysis, guidance, enterprise velocity and scale.

The Mobius RiskNet Platform is a web-based multi-asset risk management platform that protects your trades and data from potential integrity problems, errors, bad hedge positions, or blown out formulas.

RiskNet shepherds trades through their entire lifecycle, with consistent auditing and reporting each step of the way. Mobius minimizes and mitigates risk while freeing up the time its users were spending trying to mash things out in Excel. Mobius is discrete about the hedges they put on a trade so users no longer have to worry about counterparties using positions against them.

Mobius Experience

Mobius has spent nearly 20 years recruiting the brightest minds in energy trading- veterans who have learned the secrets of the industry’s biggest players. Producers, consumers and market participants engaged in large energy and commodity transactions will benefit from Mobius’ expertise in working with commodities such as natural gas, electricity, coal, crude, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, bunker, NGLs, non-ferrous metals, steel & steel products, plastics, chemicals, interest rates, foreign exchange, and carbon credit.

The business provides organizations with a secure and accessible platform, advanced integrations and pull-through analytics, sensitivity analyses, exposures, risk levels, compliance (FAS and SOX) performance to budget, billing and document administration, robust export features for additional analysis and customizable reporting, a scalable system for business at every stage of growth, option pricing models, risk exposure models, daily and monthly usage tracking and reporting, and production tracking.

RiskNet Demonstration

RiskNet is a singular, intuitive, multi-asset risk management platform that produces easy to understand dashboards, price visualizations, hedge positions, mark-to-market reports, transaction confirmations, and invoices. RiskNet integrates your risk analytics platform with your physical revenue projections, market data/charts, credit monitoring, trade pricing/valuation, trade reporting, trade settlement verification, trade confirmation, and accounting.

Some additional benefits of using RiskNet include: no upfront software to purchase or ongoing development costs, streamline front, mid, and back-office information flow to level the corporate information gap, online access from any device, SSAE18 and SOC1 Attesting – data flows directly to audited financials, and quick and painless setup.

The full benefits of RiskNet are available as a demo, so that you are able to familiarize yourself with using the software co-developed by Modius’ in-house commodity experts and developers with an average of 20+ years of experience. Find out more here: