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nGenue is a best-in-class software solution specifically designed for Natural Gas operations, fully supporting every aspect of natural gas transportation and distribution, with functionality spanning wellhead to pipeline to city gate to meter. Built by business for business, nGenue originated inside a natural gas company in the 90s and addresses the breadth and depth of both wholesale and retail operational requirements. For Producers, Marketers, LDCs, Utilities and Pipelines, nGenue consolidates customer-related operational data strewn across spreadsheets, multiple homegrown and/or 3rd party applications into a centralized, “single version of the truth” repository of trusted and auditable data. The result is fingertip accessibility to quality data in real-time, yielding higher staff productivity, lower cost operations, and competitive advantage. Traditional sources of human error are eliminated, and the impact of employee attrition is mitigated. Unlike general purpose software, multi-commodity ETRM systems or systems built for Power and promoted as Natural Gas capable, nGenue is the only natural gas-specific, end-to-end solution for seamless integration of pricing, billing, accounting, customer care, forecasting, scheduling, trading, risk, supply, wellhead management, netback, and automated LDC /Marketer communications. And, being modular in nature, natural gas businesses can license a complete, fully integrated nGenue solution or only business function-specific functionality (e.g., Pricing, CIS, Billing, Scheduling, ETRM) as required. nGenue’s commitment is to enable Natural Gas Operational Excellence.

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